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Martens, a member of the GHM Group, has introduced the first digital safety temperature limiter for thermal industries. The Safety-TL4896 is the first to offer a switch panel installation.

Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik in South Africa commented “The Safety-TL4896 is innovation at its best, offering users a host of cost and resource savings. A key innovation is that it is the first digital safety temperature limiter available worldwide. The limiter complies with all European Standard safety regulations. It has a reaction time of 0.5 seconds, shutting down the system if it detects an unsafe condition and will ensure continuous operating with the added feature of a pre-alarm for temperature fluctuation . The front LED alarm and the background light of the display illuminate showing the cause as plain text on the display.  The Safety-TL 4896 eliminates the need for any other measuring instrumentation in the systems chain”.


Key Features

The Safety-TL4896 satisfies all DIN EN14597 requirements and has been issued with a SIL2 certificate.

  • The Safety-TL operates as a direct indicator, because it is installed in the control panel instead of on the top-hat rail. Therefore, the additional “indicator” element can be omitted.
  • With the integrated analogue output for the temperature signal, an additional measuring chain for the measuring signal for the PLC or SCADA world can also be omitted.
  • Another advantage is the execution of the reset function directly on the device. No additional control element is needed.
  • Configuration of the Safety-TL takes place directly via the front-side buttons in combination with the graphic display – without any additional programming software.

The advantage of the pre-alarm, which triggers an (preliminary) alarm before the limit value is reached, is that a potential shut-down of the system can be avoided. This makes it is possible to intervene and take corrective action an early stage.

Grobler concluded “The Safety-TL4896 is a world first for the thermal industries and enhances a plants compliance and obligations to local regulations”.

GHM Messtechnik South Africa is part of GHM Messtechnik GmbH, an amalgamation of globally renowned companies comprising: Greisinger Electronic, Honsberg Instruments, Martens Elektronik, Imtron, T & A Telemetry & Automation; Delta Ohm and Valco.

Further information is available from: Jan Grobler, Managing Director, GHM Messtechnik South Africa Tel: 011 902 0158 email: info@ghm-sa.co.za

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