AECI releases its first-ever dedicated sustainability report for “a better world”

AECI released its first-ever dedicated Sustainability Report today, providing demonstrable proof and tangible measures for its bold, new strategy and vision of shaping “a better world”.

The Sustainability Report includes a Sustainability Framework with 10 overarching goals for “a better world” in the areas of Mining, Water, Food Systems and Chemistry as well as Responsible Operations and Passionate People. There are also six Group-specific targets for 2025.

AECI’s holistic approach is inspired by five priority United Nations Sustainable Development Goals namely:

  • Zero hunger (#2)
  • Clean water and sanitation (#6)
  • Decent work and economic growth (#8)
  • Responsible production and consumption (#12)
  • Climate action (#13)

The 10 overarching goals for “a better world” are:

  • Better Mining – making mining safer and more circular
  • Better Water – providing access to clean water and improving conservation
  • Better Food Systems – enhancing access to affordable good food through improved farming, productivity and nutrition
  • Better Chemistry – reducing the hazardous nature and effects of chemicals
  • Responsible Operations – reducing the carbon intensity and water footprint of AECI operations, and pursuing Zero Harm to people and the environment
  • Passionate People – living our BIGGER values of Bold, Innovative, Going Green, Engaged and Responsible and nurturing people so they thrive in a high-performance, inclusive culture

“We have finalised a set of milestones and targets for these goals and are formulating various projects that will deliver accordingly. While our first milestone is 2025, we are already looking ahead to 2030. AECI’s sustainability goals will continue to be informed by those of the United Nations and the needs of the individual countries where we operate. By definition, therefore, the process is an iterative one,” said Mark Dytor, AECI Chief Executive.

“Supported by the AECI Growth Office (AECI.GO) and our ongoing innovation drive, new processes, products and technologies that can be scaled sustainably in the future are also being explored,” he added.

The six 2025 targets are:

  • Potable water consumption – 25% decrease
  • Discharge to sea or sewers – 20% decrease
  • Carbon footprint – 20% decrease in Scope 1 emissions
  • Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) – <0,25
  • Moderate environmental incidents – 24% decrease
  • Electricity from renewables – 8% increase (AECI has already committed to installing four solar plants at key South African operational sites)

Tangible examples of what the company has already achieved on its Sustainability journey are covered in the Sustainability Report, which is available on A summary is attached.

Highlights include:

  • Cutting waste by recycling packaging
  • Desalinating water in the Western Cape and saving 2 000 factory jobs
  • Developing green chemistry for homecare and personal care brands
  • Extending shelf-life and improving the affordability of healthy food
  • Reclaiming 1,8 million tonnes of ash for bricks used to develop housing
  • Recycling asphalt for the construction of roads
  • Re-using water, including a R30 million state-of-the-art water treatment plant at the AECI Mining Explosives manufacturing facility in Modderfontein, which is saving the City of Joburg 400 million litres of potable water a year – enough for 4 624 people annually!
  • Supporting a digital trading platform for emerging- and smallholder farmers
  • Using waste oil instead of diesel in the mining industry


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