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ARC Announces New Industrial Cybersecurity Network Security Solutions

Market Research-

ARC Advisory Group has just completed fresh market analysis research on Industrial Cybersecurity Network Security Solutions. This ARC Advisory Group research report provides a concise analysis of the industrial cybersecurity market for network security solutions. It includes quantitative information on market size and growth across various regions, industries, and product categories. It also includes qualitative discussions of market drivers/inhibitors and the positioning of the many suppliers offering network security solutions for industrial cybersecurity.

Industrial network security solutions include a broad range of products for protecting plants, networks, and endpoint assets. This is a distinct segment of the overall networking products market, distinguished by the unique requirements of systems that control critical industrial assets and infrastructure. This market segment is also distinguished by its focus on operational safety and availability, as opposed to the conventional IT focus on information privacy and confidentiality.

Suppliers in this market provide industrial network security solutions to automation companies, system integrators, and end users. These products are used to secure new and previously installed automation and SCADA systems.

This market has been evolving for over a decade. Many industrial organizations have already implemented basic network security solutions, but the market continues to grow robustly. Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities are incredibly dynamic, driving the ongoing need for more sophisticated tools and services. Governmental actions like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and regulatory developments like NERC CIP Version 5 add urgency to these investments. Major cyber-attacks, like the recent one against the Ukrainian power system, are also impacting this market. Reports indicating that certain nations are actively supporting cyber-espionage are likewise having an impact and causing companies to review and strengthen cybersecurity and business continuity strategies.

ARC Industrial Cybersecurity Research:
ARC Advisory Group has been providing market research on the industrial cybersecurity market for many years. Prior reports discussed the overall market opportunities on a regional and industry basis. This report is part of a new series of ARC Advisory Group market analysis reports on individual segments of the overall industrial cybersecurity market. This series addresses each of the five major markets for products and services used in the protection of industrial plants and critical infrastructure:

• Network Security Solutions
• Endpoint Protection Solutions
• Industrial Cybersecurity Management Solutions
• Intrusion and Breach Detection Solutions
• Industrial Cybersecurity Services

Each report provides quantitative and qualitative information about the current and future market opportunities. Quantitative information includes market size and growth across various regions, industries and product categories. Qualitative information includes a review of noteworthy suppliers and their role in the market. These reports all leverage ARC’s extensive, worldwide knowledge base of information on automation markets, industry requirements, and developments that are driving/inhibiting cybersecurity concerns.

For more information on this and other available ARC market research, go to


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