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Arca Regler Delivers Five Anti-Surge Valves to Mexico

Arca Flow Controls in Houston / Texas, the US subsidiary of Arca Regler GmbH / Germany, received an order last year for the delivery of several large anti-surge control valves. Arca has just delivered these specialized valves that are designed for several compressor lines in Mexico. The project is due to go on line in winter 2017 or beginning of 2018.

The anti-surge globe-type control valves come from the proven Ecotrol® modular parts system. The valves have to prevent the compressors from pumping in stressful situations in the plant. They also prevent an airflow disruption at the compressor blades in order to preclude damages at the compressor.

The compressor lines each consist of one single-screw compressor and are driven by a gas turbine. Two lines will be installed in a pipeline station in La Laguna in the Mexican federal state Coahuila. The other three lines are set aside for a pipeline compressor station in Villa de Reyes in the federal state of San Luis Potosi.

The pipelines will deliver natural gas to CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad) power stations as well as industry plants. The compressor stations output serves a pipeline of about 1,500 kilometers length that transports the natural gas from the North into the country’s inland.


When choosing the anti-surge valves, various things were considered including Arca’s vast application knowledge, their competitiveness and their reliability as well as the easy to maintain clamping seat design. Arca Regler offers most advanced solutions for anti-surge control valves and can look back on a huge knowledge and wealth of experience. The continuous development of the Ecotrol ® modular parts system further allows to satisfy the growing demands of the compressor manufacturers market. A high flow rate, low noise level, fast reaction times as well as high control accuracy are only a few advantages that this modular parts system that distinguishes it from others.

For more information on ARCA products and services, please visit our website or contact Valve & Automation (PTY) Ltd

Vereeniging              :  or call +27– 11- 397 2833

Durban                      :  or call +27– 31- 597 2593


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