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Are you ready to go ROGUE?

AFL launches the new ROGUE® cB1 Compact Base, built around users and the way they test networks

AFL, represented locally by Comtest, has launched the Rogue cB1 Compact Base, the fastest, most flexible Fibre OLTS and OTDR testing platform in the industry.  Using state-of-the-art technology, each module is optimised to produce the most accurate results in the shortest amount of time.

Rogue hardware is highly interchangeable and users could maximise their capital expenditure with building blocks that include a modular carrier and AFL self-contained base, allowing for customised configuration, mix and match elements, and also the inclusion of smart devices on hand.

Or in Layman’s terms

The Rouge chassis can accommodate various interchangeable fibre testing modules namely OLTS and OTDR modules, maximised for the FTTX market. Allowing the end user to characterise and certify FTTX installations, with a mix of various modules, and also the inclusion of smart devices on hand.

Software applications have been separated from the hardware so that users can invest in the application-specific tests they really need, while having a consistent experience across all platforms. Because Rogue is an open system, there is also the option of designing customised apps or integrating third party software.

Rogue works seamlessly with aeRos® so users can integrate every aspect of the workflow, set up jobs and equipment before shipping, interact with technicians in real time, collect and analyse data in the cloud and issue reports more efficiently.

Rogue features flexible, open, and modular architecture; seamless testing with a variety of smart devices; real-time monitoring of results and job progress and automatic sync of test configurations and results; USB host and function ports; Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and >8 hours Li-ion battery or AC power.

Applications include: OLTS/Tier1 Certification, OTDR testing, use in combination with the Multi-Fiber Switch to automatically test MPO connected fibers and pair with FOCIS Flex for a complete inspection solution.  For more information on AFL Rogue cB1 Compact Base, or information about seminars, demos or to locate the nearest dealer, please contact the Comtest sales team on 010 595 1821 or sales@comtest.co.za

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