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AZ-Armaturen Change-Over-Valve Combinations for Safety Valves

Change-over valves are used to connect two safety valves to a pressure system using one joint pipe. The operating system runs normally, with one safety valve in operation while the other is on stand-by. This allows the stand-by valve to be removed and even serviced during ongoing operation.

Change-over valves are used in processes in which shutting down the plant is not possible or not desired because continuous operation is required.

AZ-Armaturen supplies different types of cross-over valves, depending on the technical requirements.

The AZ Change-Over valves have the following advantages for the safety installation:
• Full bore valves with minimum pressure loss
• Cavity free valves makes the Change-Over system operating also after months of being not functioned
• Minimal flow guaranteed while switching over from one safety valve to the other one
• The AZ Change-Over valve remains tight for years because the medium is not in contact with the sealing surfaces

The AZ Change-Over Valves provide a safe, reliable and long lasting solution for the change over between safety valves. The valves are manufactured locally in South Africa and the AZ-Armaturen South Africa Team can assist you with your technical requirements.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team today on

+27 11 397 3665 / sales@az-armaturen.co.za

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