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Band-It cable ties shine at precious metals refining, smelting complex

Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa is currently supplying a large precious metals refining and smelting company in Gauteng with a selection of Band-It stainless steel cable tie systems.

The conditions in the refinery complex are unique due to its highly-corrosive atmosphere, as even 304 stainless steel is subject to rust after an extended period. Therefore, the specific requirement was for high-strength, durable strapping solutions to cater for these challenging conditions. Previously the company was using plastic cable ties for the facility’s electric cables, which proved not durable in the harsh operating environment.

Over a five-month period, Banding & ID Solutions Africa has been upgrading the tying system used on the cables at the refinery complex using a mixture of reusable Band-It cable ties. To date, it has supplied about 10 000 reusable Band-It cable ties to the company.


The refining and smelting company has a large number of electrical cables that need to be strapped up

“The unique feature of this Band-It 316 stainless steel strapping solution in particular is its performance polymer alloy (PPA) 571 coating. This makes it resistant to stress cracking, adverse weather conditions, detergents, salt spray, and typical airborne pollutants, meaning it is ideal for the corrosive conditions in the refinery complex,” Banding & ID Solutions Africa Sales Representative Matthew Campbell explains.

The refining and smelting company has a large number of electrical cables running throughout its plant, which needed to be strapped up correctly. “We offered the contractor working on the project a solution that it has been very happy with, and are confident of extending our involvement to encompass further planned maintenance during the course of this year,” Campbell comments.

The straps are expected to last about five years before they may need to be replaced, which is significantly longer than the six-month lifespan of the plastic cable ties used previously. “The contractor informed us that, in addition to our products not only being well-suited to the application at hand, it was also it easy to install using our ratchet-operated Bantam strapping tool,” Campbell concludes.

About Banding & Identification Solutions Africa
Banding & Identification Solutions is the African distributor of USA-based Band-It – a leading manufacturer of a full range of stainless steel band, buckle systems, preformed clamps and cable ties for numerous applications.

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