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Beating competition through high quality products and superior service

To be ahead of competition, especially larger plastic pipe providers, Plasti-Tech Piping Systems, supplier of world class thermoplastic piping systems and related products to industry in southern and sub-Saharan Africa, offers superior service levels and a complete range of high-quality pipe products.

Plasti-Tech provides high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes to the mining, industrial and civil engineering industries where they are being used for gas lines, water lines, wastewater lines, chemical pipelines, slurry lines, irrigation lines and pipelines in the construction of factories.

“The pipes that we supply adhere to the South African National Standard (SANS) ISO 4427 HDPE PE100 standards, which is a quality standard that defines the necessary material grade, dimension tolerances and required traceability of HDPE pipes” says Bradley Chamont, Plasti-Tech Managing Member.

As part of its superior service levels, Plasti-Tech can deliver pipes to Johannesburg, Witbank, Rustenburg and Vereeniging within one to two days. Moreover, delivery can be made to areas further into South Africa and Southern Africa in larger quantities. However, larger project quantities are manufactured on order and leads times are determined by quantities needed.

Currently, Plasti-Tech has longstanding business relationships with several local manufacturers of HDPE pipes that adhere to the SANS ISO 4427 standards and are members of the South African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association. The company also supplies other types of plastic pipes such as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) and polypropylene random (PPR) pipes. UPVC is used in construction and is considered a common pipe while PPR pipes are used regularly in water and plumbing systems.

Chamont highlights that the company commenced supplying pipes to the African market in 2010 and has overcome competition from larger plastic pipe providers by offering higher quality pipes and excellent service. “We offer a complete range of high quality, off the shelf, HDPE pipes, fittings and welding equipment and coupled with years of experience in the field of HDPE pipe, supply and installation, we have overcome many challenges,” remarks Chamont, concluding, “The company can deliver large range of pipes anywhere in Southern Africa given enough time.”

About Plasti-Tech Piping Systems

Plasti-Tech Piping Systems provides world class thermoplastic piping systems and related products to the construction, civil, mining, irrigation, plumbing, gas and water-works industries in southern and sub-Saharan Africa. Specialising in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) PE100 pipes, fittings and welding equipment, Plasti-Tech offers a comprehensive solution for all related pipe products.

Ensuring quality of an international standard, Plasti-Tech distributes European-manufactured products for Hürner welding technologies, Bänninger butt-weld and electrofusion fittings.

Plasti-Tech was founded in 2011 by Managing Member, Bradley Chamont. With over a decade of experience and networks in the plastic industry, Chamont has grown Plasti-Tech into a thriving business with a team that has a combined total of sixty years’ experience in the industrial thermoplastic piping industry, making Plasti-Tech South Africa’s one-stop solution for all piping products.

Plasti-Tech Piping Systems contact:
Brad Chamont
Tel: +27 (0) 11 609 5511

Cell: +27 (0) 82 471 5757
Email: brad@plasti.co.za
Web: www.plastitech.co.za

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