Becker Mining SA – rope attachments supplied to copper mine in Mongolia – installation of winder ropes of world’s largest friction hoists

Becker Mining SA has supplied the rope attachments equipment currently being fitted to the winder ropes of the world’s largest friction hoists.

This equipment has been designed and manufactured by the Becker Mining team in South Africa, to meet specific winding requirements of a leading copper mine in Mongolia.

“Becker Mining’s rope attachments equipment consists of both running and spare sets of rope attachments for all three winders being installed as production, service and auxiliary hoists,” says Tom Searle, Senior General Manager: Capital, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. “The production hoist rope attachments consist of six strings of hydraulically adjusting headrope sets, six strings of fixed head rope sets and 12 sets of tail rope attachments. A complete spare set, which is identical to the running set, was also supplied.

“The service hoist has identical attachments to the production hoist and is enhanced by a complete set of spares.

“Both the production and service hoists, which are friction winders, are the largest mine winders of this type ever to be installed.”

Becker Mining’s dependable equipment gives mines the assurance of many years of safe transportation of personnel and materials to and from underground operations.

The company’s specialist services to the mining sector comprise energy distribution, communications and automation solutions, mechanical and transportation systems and steel arch roof supports.

For further information contact Tom Searle, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd

PO Box 124185, Alrode, 1451

Telephone                         (011) 617 6300/ +27 73 192 0217



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