Blending Platforms are the answer to safe disposal of hazardous liquid and sludge waste

Regulations were introduced in South Africa in 2019 which puts a responsibility on the waste sector to safely dispose of hydrocarbon-based materials at landfill sites. Hazardous liquid and sludge can no longer be dumped, and this is where blending platforms enter the frame.

These new state-of-the-art Blending Platforms allow the industry to transform hazardous waste liquids into an alternate fuel for the cement industry. Producing such fuel from waste is no small feat and requires considerable investment to do so in ways that comply with the new Waste Classification and Management Regulations.

We have an expert available on the topic, which can speak from practical experience, Averda has launched its own blending platform at its Vlakfontein site in Gauteng.

We look forward to making this expert available to talk to you about the value of the platform itself, and why it is important for the waste industry and the environment to make use of blending platforms. The expert can speak on:

  • The advantages of using a blending platform (it helps manufacturers to be compliant with legislation banning hazardous liquids from landfill, but also provides cement manufacturers with an alternative to ‘dirty coal’ which helps reduce our overall carbon emissions);
  • The prohibition and why it is so important.
  • Diversion solution from landfill.
  • Compliance to prohibition legislation.
  • Licensed utilization of waste in the circular economy.

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