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BLT SA – Haaga walk-behind sweepers for efficient operation in diverse industries

BLT (Pty) Ltd’s portfolio of German engineered walk-behind Haaga sweepers range from entry level machines for domestic and commercial applications, to high power sweepers for use in large commercial and industrial areas.

“Haaga sweepers, known globally for efficient cleaning, easy operation and extended service life, have a patented sweeping system, which consists of two counter rotating disc brushes that cut under the waste and push it directly into the waste container. These disc brushes protrude on each side of the machine for greater sweeping performance,” explains Ken Mouritzen, BLT. “Course or fine waste –including sand, paper and beverage cans – is picked up easily and is not driven over or pushed in front of the sweeper. These machines also collect wet foliage, which is normally a difficult operation.

“Haaga walk-behind sweepers, with comfortable, height-adjustable handles, are easy to push because of the beltless drive design. A variable brush height adjustment mechanism ensures optimal cleaning performance on various types of surfaces and additional guide rollers enable easy sweeping along curbs and walls. The dirt container is effortlessly removed, emptied and returned.


“Robust sweepers, with advanced Turbo disc brush technology, are recommended for professional applications. These machines have a fine dirt brush at the back of the unit for sweeping twice in one step, collecting even the finest debris.

“The intelligent airflow design of these high power sweepers ensures efficient dust control. The air containing dust is cleaned within the machine and returned to the sweeping cycle, which means that operators do not need to stand behind the machine in a cloud of dust, as is the case with other sweeping systems.”

Walk behind sweepers in the new Haaga 355 series, with a turbo sweeping system, are suitable for areas up to 500 mᶟ and are recommended for applications including homes, gardens, walkways, lobbies and exhibition stands.

These machines have standard features for efficient sweeping, as well as a slated container for easy crossing of steps, a smart closure system to facilitate easy opening and closing of the waste bin and a vertical space saving storage design, which also prevents the collected waste from falling out.

The lightweight Haaga 400 series, with a double sweeping turbo system, is particularly suitable for use on surfaces of more than 2 000 m². All disc brushes are driven with durable, smooth-running gears, without susceptible straps and an air duct system with a dust filter for efficient dust control.

Sweepers in the Haaga 600 series are suitable for areas up to 3 000 m² – especially in property management, professional cleaning, petrol stations, workshops, car parks, agricultural businesses, factories, warehouses or production facilities. These manoeuvrable machines require no pushing, merely guiding. Battery powered units, which are hand steered, have a running time of up to 120 minutes.

A new design feature – which is standard on some models of the ProfiLine series – is the iSweep maintenance-free driving clutch, designed for increased reliability and durability. This form-fitting construction offers protection against external influences, like dust, dirt and moisture. Worm gears (on battery driven models) and tooth sleeves are manufactured from self-lubricating sliding materials for extended service life.

Haaga sweepers are available from BLT on a sales or rental basis and are supported by a full repair, parts and maintenance service throughout the country.


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