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BMG condition monitoring equipment reliability

BMG’s efficiency drive, which is designed to help companies reduce energy consumption and optimise production, encompasses predictive maintenance services of condition monitoring and oil analysis.

“The introduction of a structured maintenance management programme, which can be implemented in-house, or partially out-sourced to a professional organisation, is critical to maximising production efficiencies,” says Wayne Holton, fluid technology manager, BMG. “The effects of friction and the resulting wear of moving components are significantly reduced by effective lubrication.

“Through a wide range of energy efficient products – which includes synthetic oils, lubricants and bespoke lubrication systems – and the support of a technically competent team, BMG ensures efficient maintenance, extended life of components and energy savings in any environment.

“To achieve optimum performance and extended life of components like bearings and industrial chain, correct lubrication is as important as the appropriate selection of each part. Although a general multipurpose grease is adequate in many applications, more arduous operating conditions demand the careful choice of the correct lubricant and lubrication system.

“In selecting the right lubricant for a specific application, factors to be considered are speed, ambient temperature, load, vibration and environmental conditions.”

BMG’s technical resources team offers an oil analysis service which consists of laboratory based sampling and analysis, as well as on site analysis and filtration and flushing. Other services include technical applications consulting, product and system design, product quality control and assurance, as well as condition monitoring services.

Conditioning monitoring identifies lubrication problems, misalignment and vibration troubles and also helps in identifying the causes of the damage so that units can be fixed before further destruction occurs. This means reduced downtime, efficient production and substantial cost savings.

BMG has extended its range of lubrication products to include a single point lubricator, where the grease is pressurised by a gas generated unit, to provide continuous, reliable, clean and precise lubrication.

These lubricators ensure less friction, which means energy savings and extended service life of components and equipment. Other benefits include reduced risk of contamination and accidents, particularly in dangerous areas; shorter maintenance times; improved reliability of industrial equipment and lower operating costs.

BMG’s automatic lubricators – which ensure exactly the correct lubrication, with the correct grease – are easily integrated into various applications, without the need to modify installations.

Specially designed OMSA lubrication systems eliminate the risk of excessive or inadequate lubrication and ensure the constant and regular lubrication of bearings. These systems are ideal for use in humid and corrosive environments.

Various greases are available for different applications. For example, a general purpose grease is suitable for industrial use; heavy duty grease is recommended for high load applications in humid environments and high temperature grease is designed for long term lubrication at high temperatures, up to peaks of 175°.

BMG now has 140 mobile technicians with specialist technical skills and equipment to conduct breakdown and routine maintenance on plant. This team carries out trouble shooting and advises on possible productivity improvements, to ensure the highest level of plant output and reliability.

Specialist services include installation, adjustment, replacement and maintenance of components, shaft and pulley alignment, balancing, condition monitoring, oil sampling and analysis and critical equipment inspections and lubrication schedules. Maintenance training and fault diagnosis also form an important part of BMG’s field services.

BMG offers the full portfolio of SPM condition monitoring equipment, from basic hand held instruments, to high level on-line systems. Included in this range is the entry level VibChecker portable instrument, designed for reliable on-site vibration measurement and assessment.

“The VibChecker requires minimal operator training and supports BMG’s BearingChecker which is used to accurately assess the condition of rolling element bearings during operation in equipment like motors, fans, pumps and gearboxes,” says Carlo Beukes, general manager: Drives Belts & Ironware, BMG. “The VibChecker gives early warning signs of developing machine problems in order to prevent premature replacement of machine parts. Vibration monitoring is the most widely used preventative maintenance technique for the accurate assessment of the condition of machinery elements – like pump rotors, fan impellors, gearbox gears and housing mountings.

“Both these instruments are instantly usable and require little training for efficient operation.”

The lightweight user-friendly VibChecker has an ergonomic design, an easy button operation and user-friendly interface, which make it the perfect maintenance tool for plant mechanics, machine operators and maintenance technicians. With this device, vibration monitoring no longer needs to be a question of cost or expertise.

The VibChecker is designed for simple vibration checks and with built in FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) capabilities, it is also an efficient device for troubleshooting. Periodic vibration checks are easily done and reliable and accurate vibration information is delivered in seconds. Readings are immediately and automatically evaluated according to established ISO standards. These standards make the assumption that limited information – obtained easily and at low cost – is as useful as a detailed analysis, using expensive equipment and elaborate techniques.

This instrument has an internal probe and connector for external ICP transducers. The VibChecker is capable of displacement, velocity and acceleration RMS and ISO 2372/10816 measurement between the 10 and 1000 Hz frequency range.

Accessories include a comfort grip protective sleeve and a small portable MEMS transducer with magnetic foot, convenient for measurement in narrow spaces.


BMG’s SPM’s high definition HD technologies is a further development of the Shock Pulse Method® (SPM) providing reliable information on the lubrication and mechanical condition of bearings. With sufficient forewarning, plant personnel can either perform required maintenance or schedule a planned component replacement, thus minimising repair costs and reducing downtime.

This condition monitoring system offers continuous bearing and lubrication condition information to compliment regular interruptive inspections that are legally required, by giving the responsible certified engineer critical information about the physical health of bearings while in operation.

Instant evaluation of bearing condition is given in an easily understood green yellow and red colour code.

With the advanced digital SPM HD technique and RPM based sampling frequency, these devices are perfectly suited for measurement in a broad RPM range, including speed applications as low as 0,1 RPM.

In addition to HD technologies, BMG offers a range of condition monitoring methods for trouble shooting and root cause analysis.

BMG is committed to providing a 24 hour customer process support for production efficiency and reliability centred maintenance. This service is enhanced by advanced technical and design support across all functional disciplines.

For further information Wayne Holton, Fluid Technology Manager, BMG
Carlo Beukes, General Manager: Drive Belts & Ironware, BMG
Telephone (011) 620 1500


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