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bmg dinamic oil hyper gearboxes & electronic load detection

BMG’s extensive range of drives and motors encompasses newly launched products from Dinamic Oil, leading manufacturers of hoisting winches and planetary gearboxes.

New to the range are Dinamic Oil high performance HyPer gearboxes and an electronic load detection system for precise control and enhanced safety.

“HyPer gearboxes combine Dinamic Oil’s GB series gearboxes with the modular advantages provided by parallel shaft and helical bevel gearboxes, as well as gearmotors, says Bryan Pickles, BMG’s Varvel brand manager. “These new combined unit gearboxes offer high torque to weight ratios for optimum performance in diverse applications, including conveyor drives, construction, mining and quarries, marine tensioners, industrial and marine lifting equipment and machines for steel production plants and sugar mills.”

This flexible combined unit has an output torque up to 3-million Nm, a ratio starting from 40 and electric motor-inverter combinations up to 22 kW.

The new electronic load detection system, which is mounted on the winch structure, uses an analogue or digital signal to control torque, as well as to precisely control the lifting and lowering load. This flexible system, which is programmed to users’ exact requirements, permits load control of the crane’s winch, while displaying its value on the remote control. Thisenables easy movement and ensures optimum safety.

BMG, which was appointed exclusive distributors for Dinamic Oil over 10 years ago, supplies and supports the full range of planetary gearboxes, as well as slewing, winch, track and wheel drives; hydraulic hoisting and pulling winches; motor drums and tower crane winches.

All Dinamic Oil planetary gear units and winches are designed to exact specifications, using advanced technology.

The company, which has secured the exclusive supply, service and distribution agreements with some of the world’s most respected manufacturers of industrial gear products and motors, is uniquely positioned to meet the exact gear drive and motor requirements of contractors, designers and the end-user in diverse industries.

BMG, with a national network of over 130 branches, supports this range with a technical advisory and 24 hour back up service.

For further information Bryan Pickles, Brand Manager, Varvel, BMG
Mobile: +27 82 467 8990
Tel: +27 11 620 1689
Fax: +2711 620 1670


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