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BMG HKT split cylindrical roller bearings

BMG’s comprehensive range of bearings – which extends from miniature bearings for specialist applications, to large steel mill bearings – includes HKT split cylindrical roller bearings. This series is designed for efficient installation, simplified maintenance and reduced downtime in arduous applications.

“HKT split cylindrical roller bearings have a robust clamp ring design that offers cage alignment and simplified maintenance procedures. Split bearings are recommended for improved performance in difficult applications, particularly when the replacement of standard mounted bearings involves the removal of machinery and components, like large gearboxes and couplings,” says Rouff Essop, general manager, bearings, BMG. “The main components of HKT split bearings are made in two halves for simple assembly, without the need for conventional axial threading and special mounting requirements of sold bearings.


“This range is designed for inter-changeability with competitor split bearings to enable quick and easy replacement, be it for the bearing, housing or pedestal, thus reducing downtime.

“HKT spilt roller bearings can withstand operation in arduous conditions where dust, moisture, chemicals, heat and dirt would normally affect performance. Split bearings cope with high radial loads, have greater speed capabilities and operate efficiently at elevated temperatures.

“If split roller bearings are used in conjunction with suitable lubricants, service life is further extended, maintenance requirements are minimal and downtime is significantly reduced. Because the volume of the grease injection varies according to specific operating speeds and different bore sizes and various types of sealant are applied, it is important to get professional advice from BMG’s technical team.”

HKT manufactures various kinds and sizes of cylindrical bearings, including split cylindrical roller bearings with a housing and support and alignable split cylindrical roller bearings with a standard plummer block – the SPL series.

The HKT split cylindrical roller bearings range consists of the 100 series for light applications, the 200 series for heavy industries and the 300 and 400 series for extra heavy and high speed applications.

Components include a bearing which has two halves, consisting of the outer and inner ring, the clamping ring, cylindrical roller and cage assembly, housing (cartridge) and support (pedestal).

The outer and inner rings have angle joints to ensure continuity of contact with rollers and the two halves of the inner ring are fitted on the shaft by two clamping rings. There should be a gap at the joint (between 0,35 mm to 0,55 mm) to ensure full contact between the bore of the inner ring and shaft.

HKT uses an auto locking cage made of aluminium or brass. Steel clips attached in each half of the cage provide the self locking mechanism.

For fitting in misalignment positions, blocks are separated into two parts – the housing and support. The joint surface between the housing and support are rounded for self aligning.

The split design of the SPL series enables quicker and easier fitting and dismantling than standard solid bearings.

The SPL series has two halves and consists of an outer cover, inner and outer rings, a clamping ring and cylindrical roller and cage assembly.

Aluminium or brass cages are available (depending on size) and are engineered to withstand higher operating speeds, acceleration and elevated temperatures. For small size bearings, a bore disk type cage is applied and for larger size bores, a window type cage is used.

The joint surfaces between the outer cover and outer ring are rounded for self aligning when fitting in a misalignment position.

HKT split roller bearings are ideally suited for use in demanding applications on the mines, quarries, power generation, manufacturing, steel mills and cement industries.

BMG introduces the latest global technologies, trends and products to the local market, to meet exact demand in diverse sectors. Through its critical focus on entire production processes, The company’s extensive range of quality branded components, engineering solutions and technical services, optimise productivity and enhance process plant operating reliability.

For further information Rouff Essop, General Manager, Bearings, BMG
Telephone: 011) 620 1500


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