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BMG’s extensive portfolio of cable carrier systems and safety cables now includes Tsubaki’s new Kabelschlepp Roller Supported Chain (RSC) system, suitable for long travel and cranes.

Kabelschlepp cable carriers are designed to enhance productivity and minimise repair costs in various applications – from computer plotters and micro sensitive test and measurement equipment, to offshore drilling rigs and high-speed automated machining centers.


BMG Kabelschlepp RSC cable carrier system for cranes

“The new RSC rolling system, where the upper run does not come into contact with the lower run, has 90% less force compared to a conventional gliding system,” says Renier Slabbert, product manager – Linear Way and Cable Carrier Systems, BMG Power Transmission. “This self-aligning system, which ensures quiet operation and low vibration, offers high travel speeds and acceleration, ensuring minimum stress for the cable carrier and cables.

“Other benefits include long travel distances, easy installation and low maintenance. No fix distances of the support structure are necessary.”

BMG’s Kabelschlepp range, which extends from standard individual components to complete system solutions, is enhanced by custom manufactured systems to meet exact requirements in diverse sectors. These systems are available in heavy-duty steel and durable, lightweight plastic materials.


BMG Kabelschlepp RSC cable carrier system for long travel

BMG supports this range with a technical advisory, installation and repair throughout Southern Africa.

For further information Renier Slabbert, Product Manager – Linear Way and Cable Carrier Systems, BMG

Website: www.bmgworld.net

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