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BMG Leonova Diamond Aligner Shaft Alignment

BMG’s latest condition monitoring equipment comprises the newly launched portable SPM Leonova Diamond Aligner system, designed for quick and reliable shaft alignment in many applications, including compressors, gearboxes, generators and pumps.

This dual laser system, which is suitable for most combinations of machinery and coupled or uncoupled shafts, incorporates advanced digital technology, where alignment sensors communicate with the instrument via Bluetooth. Automatic calculations and instant correction and alignment data ensure a perfect shaft alignment – even in tough operating environments.

The new hand held Leonova Diamond Aligner is a complete kit packed in a portable case, consisting of the control and display instrument, alignment sensors, aluminium brackets, extendable chains up to 480 mm diameter shafts, rods, cables and a tape measure.

“The alignment sensors use high precision digital CMOS linear image detectors which automatically distinguish from interfering light sources, to provide maximum accuracy in shaft alignment,” states Carlo Beukes, general manager, power transmission, BMG. “Dual axis high precision inclinometers measure the angle of rotation of both detector units at all times. This allows measurements in fully automatic mode, with less than half turn of the shaft.

“This system works with standard and user defined tolerance levels to perform accurate alignment calculations for horizontal, as well as vertical or flange-mounted machines. Other measurement programmes include soft foot check, thermal growth compensation and tolerance checks. For user convenience, the feet lock function automatically provides alternative alignment corrections.

“Leonova produces a log file with all alignment data for documentation and printing. Specially designed modular software, supports the Diamond Aligner, providing easy set-up of personalised default settings for exact user requirements.”

The heavy duty Leonova Diamond Aligner, with a carbon-fibre reinforced IP 65 rated enclosure, has been drop tested to 1 meter. The LCD backlit colour display has a user-friendly graphical interface for easy operation and accurate results.

BMG’s comprehensive portfolio of SPM condition monitoring equipment extends from basic hand held instruments, to high level on-line systems. These products are designed for users at every level, including operators, as well as for advanced vibration analysts.

For further information Carlo Beukes, General Manager, Power Transmission, BMG
Telephone (011) 620 1500


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