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BMG pumprite fluid handling equipment

BMG’s Pumprite range, which forms part of the company’s fluid technology portfolio, encompasses lubrication, grease, oil and abrasive fluid handling equipment, designed and manufactured locally to cope efficiently in Africa’s arduous operating conditions.

“BMG’s strategy to enhance its fluid technology services to meet growing market demand in diverse industries, incorporates the introduction of new products, with the latest developments in design technologies, materials and coatings,” says Weylin Kapp, national product manager, lubrication, BMG. “The company’s expansion programme in the fluid technology sector also involves increasing product stockholdings through more than 160 BMG branches and a wide distribution network in South Africa and across borders into Swaziland, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania.

“The Pumprite portfolio – which includes a wide range of pneumatic and manual pumping and transfer solutions for grease, oil, grout and abrasive fluids – is supported by a one year manufacturing warranty.


Pumprite heavy duty retractable reels are used for high performance transfer of lubricants and abrasive fluids

“BMG’s dependable technical support service ensures optimum safety, efficiency and extended service life of every system, even in corrosive environments. With broad technical capabilities, the team is able to solve problems, in applications where conventional components have failed after short periods of service. BMG’s fluid technology services also cover project engineering and consulting, cylinder design and manufacture, training, repair and testing, as well as onsite container services.”

Pumprite equipment – a key brand in BMG’s portfolio – has been designed for use in diverse applications, including the transfer of product, lubrication of machinery, greasing, pack setting, rock grouting, washing, fixed systems, mobile systems and drag lines.

Pumprite pneumatic and manual pumps handle a wide range of products that include grease, oil, chemicals, grout and cement, air, water, petroleum, antifreeze, hydraulic oils, diesel fuel and detergents.

BMG’s Pumprite grease range encompasses pneumatic grease transfer pumps, heavy duty retractable hose reels, spring feed lubricators, foot operated grease pumps, bearing packers and hand lever grease guns.


Pumprite pneumatic grease pump, used to pump grease from all available sized grease drums

Products recommended for handling viscosity oils include pneumatic oil pumps and retractable hose reels for oil and fuel. The manual oil and fuel range also includes pumps for gear oil, hand rotary pumps and wing pumps.

The pneumatic abrasive pump range handles cementitious products and wash/solvent pumps efficiently handle all water based fluids, as well as chemicals, acids, solvents and anti-freeze.

Robust Pumprite pumps, with a refined design that can be stalled without damage, also ensure failsafe operation in arduous conditions. The reciprocating air piston has been designed for an even and non-pulsating delivery of product. The Parker filter/lubricator system removes dirt and excess moisture from the air before entering the air motor of the pump and ensures air input is regulated at a safe pressure.

Components are manufactured from high grade material, such as LM25 aluminium and EN8 mild steel. Crucial parts are heat treated with a ground finish for protection against wear, even in demanding environments. Air motors are anodised for extended service life and robust LLDPE accessories, including drum covers, are corrosion resistant.


This complete pneumatic grease dispensing roller cart is used to easily transport, dispense and safeguard the grease drum. It is complete with a z-swivel and grease control nozzle

BMG’s extensive range of components for fluid technology systems and general industrial applications, includes valves, hydraulic hoses and fittings, accumulators, cylinders, heat exchangers, hydraulic motors and hydraulic plumbing, as well as pumps and reservoir accessories.

For further information Weylin Kapp, National Product Manager, Lubrication, BMG
Telephone: (011) 620 1500



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