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BMG specialist seals services – Rust-Anode rust prevention process

BMG’s extensive range of sealing products includes Rust-Anode® – a cold galvanisation system, designed for rust prevention in diverse industries, particularly corrosive environments.

“Rust-Anode – a single component cold zinc rich coating that protects steel surfaces electro-chemically – is vastly different from anti-corrosion paints, in terms of composition of the material and its protection methods,” says Marc Gravett, business unit manager seals, BMG. “Unlike conventional anti-rust paints, which eventually decompose and crack, Rust-Anode prevents rust formation and inhibits the spreading of pre-existing rust.


BMG Rust-Anode – cold galvanisation – full rust prevention – before and after application

“Rust-Anode is preferred to the hot-dip galvanisation process for steel constructions in light profiles or thin plates because the hot-dip bath can deform light structures.”

Rust-Anode and Rust-Anode Primer, with high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and impact, can be used as a primer or as a duplex system with a compatible topcoat . This zinc grey material, with a matt finish, is applied directly onto a clean or rusted steel surface, with a brush, roller, or any spraying technique.

A layer of iron hydroxide is formed between the Rust-Anode and the steel surface, acting as an oxidation inhibitor, to prevent rust formation.

This ready-for-use product provides cathodic protection identical to hot dip galvanising, where the lifetime expectation is between ten and 50 years. The application of a compatible topcoat over Rust-Anode can increase this service life by approximately 2,5 times.

Rust-Anode, with scratch protection up to 4 mm deep, can be applied on top of a previous layer of this material and can also recharge the cathodic protection of old worn hot-dip galvanisation, without having to dismantle the structure.


BMG Rust-Anode – cold galvanisation – full rust prevention process

There is no requirement for chemical processes of surface preparation prior to application, but the steel should be brushed, clean and contamination-free.

The Rust-Anode layer, with high plasticity, forms a perfect adhesion with the steel surface and follows the dilation and deformations of the basic metal, without cracking or peeling.

Rust-Anode and Rust-Anode Primers are non-toxic and non-flammable when dry. These ecologically green materials, with low VOC, have excellent resistance to corrosive marine environments and are not affected by UV. These coatings can be applied in a Ph atmosphere range from 5,5 to 12,5 for resistance to acids/alkaline compounds. Other applications include cement factories, paper mills, the railways and military, pipelines, bridges and electricity pylons.

BMG supports this range with a technical advisory and back up service across sub- Saharan Africa.

For further information

Marc Gravett, Business Unit Manager, Seals, BMG

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 5721415

Tel: +27  (0) 11 620 1575

Fax: +27  (0) 11 6201776


Physical Address: BMG Park, 3 Droste Crescent, Droste Park Ext 7 Jeppestown, Johannesburg,2001, South Africa.

Postal Address: PO Box 33431, Jeppestown, 20043, South Africa



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