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BMG’s Garlock seals and sealing systems for extreme process applications 2018

BMG’s Garlock seals and sealing systems, which are manufactured in the USA and Europe according to stringent quality and safety specifications, have been developed by Garlock Sealing Technologies for safe and dependable performance in extreme operating conditions.

“The demands of modern engineering have made the selection of suitable sealing components a critical consideration – both in the design of new equipment and in the correct installation of products to replace those that are no longer suitable. Failure to install the correct sealing system is highly dangerous, particularly in extreme conditions,” says Marc Gravett, BMG’s business unit manager, Seals and Gaskets. “The BMG team gives careful consideration to the correct selection of seals and gaskets, to ensure optimum safety, reliable fluid sealing solutions and care for the environment.

“The company’s commitment to supplying only quality branded products that meet stringent specifications in terms of performance and uniformity, results in unvarying, dependable performance, even in the most demanding process applications.

“Garlock sealing products, with a user-friendly design and advanced materials, ensure dependable sealing in all sectors. These industries include chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation, electronics, food and pharmaceuticals, as well as steel mills, mining and OEMs.”

Garlock seals and sealing systems include metallic and Gylon gaskets, oil seals, bearing isolators, expansion joints and butterfly valves. Components extend from a standard sealing ring, available from BMG stock and ready to install, to customised designs, which are fabricated to specific requirements.


Garlock GYLON EPIXTnext generation PTFE gasketing

Garlock Klozure oil seals and bearing isolators are designed to retain lubricants, but exclude contaminants, like moisture, dust and dirt, from penetrating the primary seal or bearing houses. These components play an important role in protecting bearings, preventing downtime and extending the service life of the system, even in arduous operating conditions.

Klozure oil seals are available from BMG in numerous shaft sizes, materials and designs, including solid and split configurations. Seals with a reverse bevel lip allow installation in either direction without rollover and Stainless Steel garter springs provide tension to create an effective seal against the shaft. Klozure oil seals with a GLYON® lip material offer reduced creep and cold flow, compared with the standard PTFE material.

Garlock ISO-GARD® bearing isolators, with a unitised two-piece PTFE construction, provide excellent chemical and temperature resistance. The non-contact design eliminates shaft scoring, as well as drag and frictional heat, which means no lubrication is required. These bearing isolators are the ideal alternative to lip seals in non-flooded oil or grease applications.

The glass-filled PTFE material provides excellent chemical resistance and can withstand operation in a wide temperature range (- 30ºC to + 204 ºC). These bearing isolators, which are available with FDA-compliant O-rings, have a press-fit design, which means installation is easy and no tools are necessary.

GUARDIAN™ metallic bearing isolators provide bi-directional sealing, offering both ingress and egress protection and are suitable for electric motors, pumps, gearboxes and pillow-blocks used in dirty, dusty and wet environments. These bearing isolators. have a cam-lock system and an internal PTFE unitising seal feature.

Included in BMG’s Garlock range are non-asbestos gasket materials, which comply with strict environmental regulations.

New to the range, are GYLON EPIX™ gaskets, which have been designed for improved functional performance, increased compressibility and a broader range of applications than conventional PTFE gaskets used in worn and pitted flanges.

These gaskets, with advanced PTFE materials, have a hexagonal surface profile that provides the torque retention and blowout resistance of a thin gasket and the conformability of a thicker gasket. GYLON EPIX materials are available in one universal thickness (2,4 mm) eliminating the need to stock a variety of material thicknesses for different stress requirements.

Various high-performance sheet materials in this range are suitable for use in different applications, including acids, steam, chlorine, water, solvents, gases, refrigerants and hydrocarbons.

Metallic gaskets for extreme conditions are available in a wide selection of materials and designs to suit exact process requirements. These gaskets include a new spiral wound design that eliminates the radial buckling problems of conventional spiral wound gaskets.

Metal gaskets with a corrugated metal core, encapsulated by soft sealing elements, offer resistance to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals. This range is particularly well suited for imperfect flanges and thermocycling applications.

Compression packings ensure reliable sealing in valves, pumps, agitators and other rotary equipment. Expansion joints are engineered to absorb movement and dampen vibration, reducing stress on pumps, pipes and anchoring systems.

All Garlock seals and sealing systems undergo stringent field and in-house testing to ensure safe and reliable use, as well as extended service life in all industries.

BMG is hosting training workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town in August, which will be presented by the Garlock technical team.


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