BMG’s Swagefast lockbolt pins and collars increase productivity and reliability in heavy-duty, high-vibration applications

BMG has been appointed exclusive distributors of Swagefast fastening systems in Southern Africa throughout Africa (effective January 2021.)

BMG’s locally manufactured Swagefast lockbolt pins and collars ensure increased productivity and reliability in heavy-duty, high-vibration applications – especially where structural integrity is critical and where safety cannot be compromised.

“Swagefast lockbolt pins and collars – which are designed to replace bolted and welded joints -provide a high-strength, vibration-resistant fastening solution that reduces downtime and improves safety standards, by removing sheet gap and maintaining tension over time,” says Maryna Werner, Business Unit Manager, Fasteners division, BMG. “These pins and collars are vibration-resistant, tamper-proof and fast and easy to install. An important advantage for users is that no re-torqueing is necessary. Added to this, the Swagefast fastening system is fully compatible with existing tooling.

Swagefast pins and collars

“Swagefast pins and collars meet stringent quality and safety specifications and are suitable for applications where high-strength, permanent fixtures are required and where welding is not an option. This system is used with confidence because it meets or exceeds SAE Grade 5 or ASTM A-325 and ISO (8.8) strength requirements, ensuring high clamp force, tensile and shear strength.

“Typical applications include railway coach and truck body manufacturers and for petrochemical, mining, sugar mills, agricultural and construction operations. These fastening components are also suitable for vibrating screens, solar panel frames and for lattice towers in electrical power generation.

“BMG’s Swagefast rail fastening systems include standard and custom sizes of pins and collars, which are fitted with specially-designed pull and clamp tooling, for vibration resistance and reduced fatigue. This range ensures greater track integrity and reduced maintenance requirements in rail infrastructure applications.”

Swagefast products are available from BMG in round head and countersunk, both self-colour and zinc plated.

Swagefast installation equipment and tooling systems work with the fastener to pull and clamp the application together, with ease and for optimum safety. An installation system comprises a tool, nose assembly, hose set and Powerig unit. Installation tools and nose assemblies are designed to install specific fastener types and diameters. The choice of installation equipment is determined by the fastener type, diameter, application and intended usage. The Powerig drives the tool, while the nose assembly provides the installation link between the fastener and the tool.

BMG and Swagefast specialists work closely with customers in all sectors, to offer a complete service solution. By incorporating technical expertise and quality structural fasteners and fastening components, the local market benefits from reliable structural joints that ensure improved performance, productivity and profitability, as well as greater safety.


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