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Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association invites entries for its Responsible Care® Initiative of the Year Award

The Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) has received a number of exciting entries for its 2017 Responsible Care® Initiative of the Year Award.
The annual competition has drawn excellent entries over the years and CAIA looks forward to receiving further 2017 initiative submissions says Executive Director Deidré Penfold.

“Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s own, unique, global initiative – a voluntary programme that helps it to raise its standards and win greater trust from the public.

“Responsible Care® envisages a profitable, sustainable chemical sector in South Africa that contributes to the quality of human life and the economy through innovation and production, without harm to people, property or the environment.
“Responsible Care® further aims to ensure that South Africa’s chemical sector is recognised by all stakeholders as a responsible industry playing an important role in bringing a wide range of benefits to society, while remaining open, honest and credible in all its dealings,” says Penfold.
The purpose of the Responsible Care® Initiative of the Year Award is
• To highlight the importance of safety, health, environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.
• To reward a single Responsible Care® signatory in each of two categories for their commitment and investment.
• To facilitate the publication of achievements as a result of these initiatives.

The competition is open to all CAIA members for initiatives undertaken during 2016 that are not related to implementing legal requirements. Multiple applications per company will be accepted.

Finalists will be expected to prepare a 3-minute presentation of the initiative once CAIA has shortlisted candidates. Winners will present the initiative at the CAIA 2017 Annual General Meeting, Responsible Care® Report Launch and Awards Ceremony, to be held on 14 November 2017.

Projects will be acknowledged in the Responsible Care® Performance Report.

For further information or to set up an interview, please contact
Deidre Penfold at 083 419 3281.


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