INSTROTECH has on offer Kobold’s portable DUC-MP and the stationary DUC-MF, designed for continuous flow measurement. They are highly accurate and drift-free operating flowmeters for liquids in filled pipes. The devices are hygienic, leak proof and monitor all aggressive and toxic liquids without problem. A special advantage is that the ultrasonic sensors are clamped onto the outside of the pipe, so cutting the pipe is not necessary for installation. Similarly, there is no requirement for process shutdown, significantly reducing the operating costs.

The robust Quickfix mounting kit enables precise and quick sensor installation. With the Quick Setup option, the transmitter can be configured in less than one minute, and in less than two minutes, the sensors are mounted onto the pipe.


By default, the transmitter operates at medium temperatures from -40 to + 150 ° C and flow rates of up to 30 m / sec. in pipe sizes from DN10 to DN6000. DUC works on the high-precision ultrasonic transit time method. The AND-Technology (anti-noise Deflector), results in the ultrasonic waves being guided and coupled in such a way that unwanted echoes and signal variations are avoided. The flow rate is measured periodically, typically 50-150 times per second. Because of the latest digital signal processing, DUC operates drift-free and reliable even under influence of EMC radiations or unwanted machine noises.

Accurate measurements are possible even where conventional devices fail, for example in extremely unfavorable conditions, such as high particle and gas pollution situations. The clear menu-structure, easy operation via eight buttons and the large graphics-capable text display facilitate measurement. The battery as well as the 4 GB memory card make the portable version of DUC ideal for temporary measuring tasks.

Overview of DUC’s significant characteristics:
• Clear text based user interface with LED backlight QVGA display
• User interface control with 6 soft buttons
• Quick-Mount-System with space bar for ultrasonic transducers 1 MHz and 2 MHz
• AFC compensation algorithm: compensates influences of changing media temperatures to the ultrasonic transducer distance
• Reynolds compensation: compensates influences of media viscosity on the ultrasonic measurement
• Ultrasonic transducers AND technology: reducing signal echoes and dispersion effects and having a positive effect on the signal to noise ratio
• 2 channel operation (only with stationary transmitter)

Application Areas
• Power plants (cooling water), district heating, pump protection, condensate and boiler feed water measurements
• Water and waste water industry (treatment plant inflow), treatment plant outflow, drinking water networks, verification of water meters, pump protection, distribution and consumption measurements, leakage detection
• Facility management (hot and cold water, cooling systems and air conditioning systems, optimization of energy efficiency, pump control, optimization of heating and air conditioning)
• Chemical and petrochemical industry (crude oil and light il), raw and waste water, aggressive and toxic media, measurement of heat carriers (e.g. thermal oils)
• Food and beverage (correct hygienic measurement of media, heat volume measurement in energy supply)

Contact INSTROTECH for more information on Kobold’s portable DUC-MP and the stationary DUC-MF, designed for continuous flow measurement, on 010 595 1831 or

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