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Clamping down on cable theft in the mining industry

Mines looking for an affordable solution to the perennial problem of cable theft need look no further than the cost-effective, easy-to-use, and tamper-proof Ultra-Lok® clamping system from Banding & ID Solutions Africa.

Cable theft is a particular hazard on mine sites due to the potential health and safety implications, especially for workers underground, Banding & ID Solutions Africa sales representative Matthew Campbell highlights. The costs incurred by cable theft also has a negative impact in reducing proactive maintenance budgets.


The security of any traditional cable installation on a mine site can be boosted by applying a cost-effective Ultra-Lok clamp

Ideal for securing cable, the UL4000-C Ultra-Lok® application tool has been designed specifically to replace band-and-buckle systems in high-volume applications. Combined with the Ultra-Lok® band-and-buckle system, the UL4000-C delivers a finished product that is stronger than the traditional methods used to secure cable.


This makes clamping three to five times faster than conventional banding tools when tensioning a band clamp, making the UL4000-C one of the most powerful portable band clamp installation tools on the market. The security of any traditional cable installation, such as on a mine site, can be increased significantly by applying a cost-effective Ultra-Lok® clamp as frequently as every 150 mm of cable.

“The cost of replacing stolen cables, in addition to the resultant downtime, are both very high, as cable theft affects production and total costs in the end. Ultra-Lok® is a robust clamping solution, with a tamper-proof design, and is easy to install. It has the potential to reduce cable theft in the mining industry dramatically,” Campbell concludes.

About Banding & Identification Solutions Africa
Banding & Identification Solutions is the African distributor of USA-based Band-It – a leading manufacturer of a full range of stainless steel band, buckle systems, preformed clamps and cable ties for numerous applications.

Banding & Identification Solutions Africa Contact
Rosa Dos Remendos
Business Manager
Phone: (011) 974 0424
Fax:  (011) 974 0425
Email: rosa.remendos@banding.co.za
Web: www.banding.co.za

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