COENG celebrates 14 years of engineering excellence

COENG Consulting and Construction Engineers recently celebrated its 14th birthday celebration at a company event where the firm’s growing team of professionals came together. COENG has done extremely well in terms of market growth in recent years, having significantly increased its market share while fostering on-going business relationships with big businesses in South Africa.

Takalani Mbedzi, COO of COENG spoke at the event in Krugersdorp on 25 March: “I believe that we are experiencing ongoing success because each and every one of us operates in a way that stays true to our company values. Fourteen years is not nothing – our internal processes and ethics are seeing us through a very interesting and constantly changing business environment.” He thanked top management for their continued guidance and support through all levels of the organisation. 

COENG staff members at the 14th anniversary event in Krugersdorp 

One of the founding members of COENG and current chairman, Rain Mudadi, spoke at the event and said: “They say time flies when you are having fun – and I can’t believe it has been 14 years. But time must have moved because when I look at our company today, we look very different to 14 years ago. Our team has grown extensively over the years, and we have opened new branches in other areas of South Africa where we see opportunities. I look forward to seeing our COENG village grow more in the coming years.” 

COENG COO Takalani Mbedzi and Chairman Rain Mudadi

Mudadi explained how the company first started all those years ago, where the founders shared a desk in another firm’s offices until finally winning a big contract for a smelter in Rustenburg. “We completed that first contract to the best of our abilities back then, and our business grew from there. The industry came to trust us, and it laid the foundations for the quality and integrity we are known for today.”

Mudadi reported that the company resources have in fact doubled in the past year, with new faces joining the team every month. “I believe the future is bright, and we will see continued growth in the coming years. I love thinking back on where we came from, but it doesn’t actually matter. What matters is where we are going, and I believe where we are going is very good,” he concluded. 

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