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Components for solar power include Schneider inverter charger systems

Magnet’s extensive portfolio of components for solar power systems includes Schneider ConextTM SW inverter/charger systems, which offer reliable solutions for community electrification, residential back up power and off-grid solar power applications.

“This pure sine wave solar hybrid inverter/charger system has been designed for optimum flexibility, with switchable 50/60 Hz frequencies available for 120/240 VAC and 230 VAC models,” says Shalendra Barath, Magnet’s Schneider product specialist. “These robust units feature split-phase input and output, without the need for an external transformer. Stacking two Conext SW modules doubles the system’s total output power and solar charge controllers allow for the integration of solar capacity as required.

“Accessories for this system include pre-wired universal DC and AC distribution panels, a display control, remote monitoring and automated generator control modules.”


Magnet – Schneider Conext SW inverter charger

Conext SW inverter/charger systems help establish reliable, high-quality localised renewable solar power and enable remote communities to be able to use AC appliances and tools.

By coupling to renewable photovoltaic (PV) energy generation through the DC system, the Conext SW inverter/charger delivers a more affordable AC power solution than traditional off-grid systems that rely on power supplied solely from diesel generators.

The Conext SW also combines with diesel generators in a hybrid off-grid system, increasing the flexibility and reliability of the entire system.

In residential back up power applications, the Conext SW inverter/charger integrates into the electrical system and seamlessly converts power from battery reserves to support critical loads like pumps, security systems, refrigerators and electronics in the event of a power outage. When utility power is readily available, the Conext SW keeps the battery bank fully charged and ready for the next grid failure.

For off-grid home owners, this system provides AC power from batteries. System Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controllers enable PV power to directly charge batteries.

For expanded off-grid capacity, the Conext SW is integrated with fuel-based generators to support loads larger than the generator’s output. This system is self-consumption ready and is able to prioritise solar consumption over the grid, while maintaining zero grid export. The Conext SW works with the grid to avoid peak utility charges and supports the grid when utility supply is limited.

This system is easy to install and configures quickly into a compact wall mounted structure. Remote monitoring and management is available for efficient control and supervision of this system and its supporting components.

Magnet – specialists in the supply and support of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation – has distributed Schneider Electric’s range of energy management systems for nearly 35 years.

For further information
Shalendra Barath, Magnet’s Schneider Product Specialist
Telephone 031 274 1050

Released by Lindy Morton, Festivitas 083 268 6666 e-mail :


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