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Comtest Training

You are invited to attend the Comtest Temperature Calibration Seminar

You’ll Learn:
The practical implementation of accurate temperature measurements relies on the International Temperature Scale (ITS 90) and particularly on the use of Fixed Point References. The most useful and affordable of these is the Triple Point of Water (TPW) which currently forms the base reference for all our temperature measurements. We will be discussing how fixed point references work and showing the “realisation” or making of a mini Triple Point of Water (0.01 °C) which is the key calibration point for Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs). We will also discuss how we then calibrate PRTs and Thermocouples and highlight the typical challenges and sources of uncertainty.

The initial session revolves around the temperature scales and how the International Temperature Scale is defined. We will discuss why the TPW is so critical and how to use it as a “Health Check” for your laboratory PRTs. Concurrent to this we will be running an automated calibration of some PRTs (PT-100s) and Thermocouples.

The second session will be a working demonstration of the “realising” of the TPW cell and then analysing the results obtained from the TPW as well as from the automated process of the other probes and briefly discuss the uncertainties related to the measurements taken.

Presented by John Wilson

Limited space.
Click here to reserve your seat now!

NLA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points have been applied for. A certificate will be issued to those who register online before the event and attend the presentation.

Date: Thursday 21st February 2019
Time: 08h30 for 09h00 to 16h00
Lunch and refreshments will be provided
Venue: Comtest House 10 Enterprise Close Linbro Park.
Cost: Free of Charge
Hosted by: Hilton Preston | Gavin van Rooy

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10 Enterprise Close, Linbro Park, 2090
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