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Conceptainer New Launch- New Marken range

Conceptainer, specialists in the custom design and manufacture of packaging systems, has launched a new label holder for attaching control documentation to bins, crates and racking in diverse industries.

“The new Marken range of pouch-less label holders – a reliable and cost-efficient method of attaching documentation to the packaging of automotive components – is designed to prevent data inaccuracies,” says Ken Mouritzen, managing director, Conceptainer. “The conventional means of fixing control documentation, using adhesive cards or clear pouches, is often unsightly, uneconomical and has a short operational lifespan. The durable Marken system is re-usable, hygienic and easy to clean by machine or a high pressure washer.

“These high impact resistant label holders, which are unaffected by ultra-violet and weather conditions, are also designed for non-absorption of contaminants and offer extended service life, even in tough environments.”

Marken label holders replace conventional packing tape to fix control documentation to rotor moulded bins, canvas and PVC material containers.

The new lightweight Marken system is made to any required size and is manufactured from Polypropylene (PP) which can be re-cycled, as a contribution towards reducing carbon footprint.

The pouch-less design is a recommended alternative to PVC pouches, which are presently used to fix control documentation onto bins and plastic crates. Conventional pouches easily disfigure and tear over a period of time and a further disadvantage is adhesive residue can be retained on the pouch when removed, which gathers dirt.

Marken label holders allow horizontal and vertical movement of packaging when labels are in position and by inverting the label holder, it can accommodate an A4 sheet vertically. This system enables scanners to read card information easily, eliminating data inaccuracies.

Self-tapping screws or blind rivets fix the Marken label holder securely to the bin, using the locating holes provided. Backing plates or washers are used to fix the holder to canvas and PVC material stillage’s. The recommended fixing method of these holders to steel cage and steel frame stillage’s is by cable ties or blind rivets.

These new label holders and clips are also available in specified corporate colours to enhance a company’s brand. By trimming the vertical chamfered edges of the holder, this range is adaptable to suit most packaging designs.

Marken label holders enhance Conceptainer’s extensive range of packaging systems, which ensures safe and reliable material protection during logistical transport.

For further information Ken Mouritzen, Conceptainer (Pty) Ltd
Tel 031 274 8270
Cell 083 357 5770


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