Cummins ReCon® Parts and Engines reduce downtime and running costs

Engines from Cummins have a global reputation for delivering exceptional value over the entire lifespan of the equipment. However, a time is eventually reached when major components need to be replaced or overhauls performed. Here is where Cummins ReCon Parts and Engines are an ideal solution to reduce downtime and costs, according to Israre Marjan, Territory Sales Manager at Cummins North in Casablanca.

Cummins ReCon Parts and Engines are an ideal solution to reduce downtime and costs

Having worked for Cummins since 2017, Marjan was appointed to her current role from the beginning of February this year. Tasked to support and develop initiatives in North, West and Central Africa, she says that mining accounts for the lion’s share of Cummins’ business in countries like Ghana, Morocco and Tunisia, while in countries like Nigeria, Power Generation is the primary focus.

Marjan highlights that Cummins is able to offer its customers two options, namely New or ReCon components, with the latter being a particularly cost-effective option. “We have quite an extensive range of ReCon Parts, in addition to certain engine platforms where we offer factory reconditioned engines with exactly the same warranty as new ones.” Therefore, Cummins has embarked on a concerted education and awareness drive among its distributors, partners and customers about the added value offered by its ReCon range.

The major benefit for customers is that they are immediately issued with a replacement ReCon Part upon returning it. All fast-moving items are available off-the-shelf throughout Cummins’ extensive distribution network for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, particularly as any downtime is minimised. Not only are these engines and components completely remanufactured, they incorporate the latest upgrades in materials, design and technology, where applicable.

Cummins ReCon Parts and Engines are not just simply repaired or rebuilt, but remanufactured to be identical to brand new Cummins Genuine Parts, adhering to the original specifications. Every part is completely stripped down and undergoes a rigorous process of cleaning, inspection, salvage, new part replacement (if the component does not meet specification), reassembly and testing.

Worn parts are replaced with new and obsolete parts are upgraded to newer designs and materials. These are then reassembled in ISO 9001 factories and tested to ensure that they meet stringent original performance specifications. The performance of fully restored parts ensures improved performance for customers.

Advantages of Cummins ReCon Engines:

  • Remanufactured to the latest Cummins performance specifications for improved performance and fuel economy
  • 100% Genuine Cummins New or ReCon Parts are used for the highest quality and durability standards
  • Every engine is tested at the Cummins remanufacturing plant before shipping
  • Low cost or no-cost uprates for more horsepower and newer Cummins engine technology
  • No-hassle engine core acceptance based on a simple visual inspection
  • Fast turnaround to get equipment back on the job quickly
  • The best warranty in the business, backed by the global Cummins service and warranty network.

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