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DPI Plastics to address certification issues at Vinyl SA 2017

A highlight of the upcoming Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) conference, Vinyl SA 2017, will be a topical presentation by DPI Plastics Technical and Product Manager Renier Snyman on the current status of certification in South Africa. DPI Plastics is also a Bronze Sponsor of the conference.

DPI Plastics is committed to PVC sustainability, including recycling, regular audits and measurable goals

The presentation will aim to clarify the various acronyms with regard to certification, in addition to explaining how third-party certification actually works. “We will also touch on a client’s options with regard to verifying pipes on-site,” Snyman comments.

SAVA, the representative body of the Southern African PVC industry, will be the official host of the conference. Vinyl SA 2017 will take place on Wednesday 7 June 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The association plays an active role in the sustainability of the industry by addressing PVC-related issues, and engaging constructively with stakeholders and roleplayers to create a positive environment for a vibrant and growing industry.

“DPI Plastics has taken something of a leading position in the industry in promoting the latest standards. We aim to create awareness around this important issue, and educate the market as to any industry and specification changes,” Snyman elaborates.

As a SAVA member, DPI Plastics is a signatory to its Product Stewardship Programme, which covers various aspects of PVC sustainability, including recycling, together with regular audits and measurable goals. For example, DPI Plastics’ Ultrapipe product uses recycled PVC, while the manufacturer also only uses organic stabilisers in its products.

“The global PVC manufacturing community is working hard to implement, and promote, the use of environment-friendly additives. SAVA liaises with other international vinyl bodies, such as the Vinyl Council of Australia, to share ideas on how to best promote PVC, and tackle common problems and issues,” Snyman points out.

DPI Plastics Technical and Product Manager Renier Snyman

In terms of PVC pipes, Snyman stresses that more modern derivatives such as PVC-m and PVC-o are becoming increasingly popular, not only in South Africa, but globally. Flexible PVC hose is also undergoing changes, as more environment-friendly plasticisers are being implemented.

Vinyl SA 2017 will include a varied programme of original papers, covering all aspects of PVC, from formulation through to recovery and recycling. There will be about ten papers from national and international speakers, while over 100 delegates are expected to attend.

The main emphasis of the conference will to be showcase how PVC continues to develop, meeting the challenges of business and sustainability, and aiming to inspire innovation across its vast applications.

“Belonging to an industry association such as SAVA offers bargaining power, networking opportunities, access to information, and the opportunity to stay on top of industry developments.  To be a successful part of an industry implies accepting a responsibility towards others in that industry to join forces, to share ideas, and to turn ideas into action,” Snyman concludes.

About DPI Plastics
DPI Plastics is a leading manufacturer of PVC and HDPE water reticulation and drainage pipe and fitting systems, with two ISO 9001 certified South African factories, one in Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town. In addition, the DPI Group has wholly-owned subsidiary plants in Namibia and Botswana and joint venture manufacturing operations in Mauritius, Tanzania and Angola, producing plastic pipes to the relevant SABS or international specifications.

DPI Plastics Contact
Martine Goodchild
DPI Plastics Marketing Manager
Phone: (021) 957 5600
Fax: 086 505 6484
Email: mgoodchild@dpiplastics.co.za
Web: www.dpiplastics.co.za

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