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Easy-to-install clamp-on ultrasound flowmeters

The WD series of clamp-on ultrasound flowmeters from FLEXIM, available locally from Actum Industrial, can be installed single-handedly without the need for lifting or cutting tools.


A FLEXIM FLUXUS F601 flowmeter for wastewater applications

The installation of conventional flow meters, such as magnetic inductive meters, can be a cumbersome and cost-intensive process. The heavy weight necessitates lifting equipment and therefore additional workers during the installation process.

Special tools and trained personnel are also required for cutting the pipe. Finally, the pipe needs to be flushed due to the possibility of dirt and pipe material having entered the pipe during the installation process. All this results in high personnel and equipment costs associated with the installation.

Furthermore, for the installation of a magnetic or mechanical flow meter, the water supply has to be interrupted. This cannot be done without informing affected customers in advance, which consumes both time and money. However, even if customers are informed beforehand, shutting off the water supply remains an inconvenience and reduces customer satisfaction.

In some cases, a supply interruption will not be acceptable, such as if a hospital or an industrial complex is located within the shut-off area.

Then it will be necessary for the water supplier to ensure an alternative water supply such as creating a temporary bypass. This leads to further costs.


Front display of the FLEXIM clamp-on ultrasound flowmeter

The clamp-on ultrasound flowmeters of the WD series are installed without supply interruption, just like every other FLEXIM flow meter. There is no interference with the pipe during the installation process, no lifting or cutting tools are required, and the installation can be done single-handedly. The overall installation costs of a FLEXIM flow meter are therefore only a fraction of the installation costs of a conventional flow meter.

Once the FLEXIM meter is installed, it remains permanently drift-free and keeps delivering excellent measurement results, thanks to its outstanding engineering and highly-advanced signal evaluation algorithms.

Part of the Actum Group, Actum Industrial encompasses industrial products, instrumentation, pneumatics and professional tooling. Together with Actum Electronics, it forms part of the larger Actum Group. “We have gradually evolved from being a component supplier to being able to offer integrated solutions,” director Kevin Klaff comments.

About the Actum Group
The Actum Group has diversified to become a leading importer and distributor of components, instrumentation, automation and industrial products. The original business, Actum Electronics, has been operating since the 1970s and was originally an importer and distributor of electronic components. More recently, four businesses have been acquired to form the Actum Group. These are Altico, Connecta, Peter Jones Electronic Equipment and Dowson & Dobson Industrial.

Actum Group Contact
Kevin Klaff
Executive Director
Phone: (011) 608 3001
Fax: (011) 608 1918


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