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Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment

Safe installing, controlling and monitoring in hazardous areas by means of types of explosion protection Ex d, Ex e and Ex p

For more than 60 years is Pepperl+Fuchs world-wide well-known for high-quality products for explosion protection. Especially with the type of explosion protection ‚Intrinsic safety‘ Ex i and its advancement ‚DART‘ the company is among the world market leaders. Besides Interfaces for intrinsic safe plant control it offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection solutions for humans and machinery in hazardous areas. This covers the types of explosion protection ‚flameproof‘, ‚increased safety‘ and ‚purge and pressurization‘. Moreover, substantial expert knowledge is at hand to tailor each solution exactly to meet the specific customer specification.

Intrinsic safety is widely established in modern process automation for transmitting data signals between control system and plant area, the appropriately certified field devices derive their operation energy from the intrinsically safe power supply. However, if more energy is required often the type of explosion protection ‚increased safety‘ Ex e is applied. The options of operating power and control networks in hazardous areas start with a single control function such as a pushbutton, LED indicator or control switch, which are integrated in corresponding space-efficient enclosures made of high-quality stainless steel or glass fiber reinforced polyester. Thus they can be used in harsh environmental conditions. Based on these control units with up to four operating elements, larger control stations are available which are able to integrate up to 56 of these components in one turnkey unit. A wide choice of control functions, contact configurations, colors and labelings allow the adjustment to almost any user request. Ammeters, potentiometers and a comprehensive range of certified terminals, cable glands and accessories complete the configuration options.

Control and automation components which are not available in explosion protected versions can be used in hazardous areas by applying the types of explosion protection ‘flameproof’ Ex d and ‘purge and pressurization’ Ex p. Both technologies allow the integration of standard industry components in accordingly certified enclosures; the explosion protection method is different, though. Ex p prevents the ignitable gas from entering the enclosure while Ex d contains a possible explosion inside the sturdy enclosure. Both types of explosion protection can be combined and allow, by addition of Ex e control elements, a tailor-made design of the solution for the specific application, be it chemical and pharmaceutical production plants or oil and gas processing. About the toughest demands are exacted by offshore applications and oil drilling rigs, which are not only completely defined as Ex-Zones but also have to withstand the worst climatic conditions. Here optimal protection is achieved by a flameproof stainless steel enclosure combined with an adequate Ex e control and termination box. The experienced engineers in the worldwide Pepperl+Fuchs Solution Engineering Centers will find the best protection solution for each and any requirement or environment is it the scorching heat of Sahara or freezing rains in the Antarctic.


Control Unit with four operating elements in stainless steel enclosure


Control system cabinet in type of explosion protection ‘purge and pressurization’ Ex p with operating element in ‘increased safety’ Ex e


Control Panel in flameproof aluminum enclosure combined with control and termination box in stainless steel

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