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EM adopts ‘green’ paperless system to drive efficiency

ElectroMechanica (EM) has rolled out a paperless system throughout all its branch offices and warehouses in South Africa, in line with the global trend for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, and create a ‘green’ work environment.

This strategy is in line with EM’s established reputation as a leading industrial switchgear, automation, and energy-efficiency product distributor, committed to supplying customers with products that comply with all the relevant standards and regulations. “An advantage of having a paperless system is that it helps combat deforestation, thus making a valuable contribution to preserving the environment,” EM Marketing Manager Karen Zotter highlights.

“By speeding up this process, it will enable us to get client orders out quicker, and remove any bottlenecks and frustrations associated with the ordering process,” Zotter explains. EM’s paperless system has been in place since October 2017. However, the move towards adopting the new system commenced in April, in conjunction with upgrading its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) process to facilitate the new technology.


EM has also upgraded its ERP process to facilitate the new technology

To assist clients with the transition, EM has established a dedicated support team that can be contacted via email and telephonically. Key account managers have been trained to support clients in using the new system. EM’s dispatch teams have been supplied with tablets and smartphones, with customers using stylus pens to sign off orders and delivery notes.


EM has rolled out a paperless system throughout all its branch offices and warehouses

“We evolve continuously as our clients’ own businesses adapt, particularly given the dynamic nature of the industry we operate in,” Zotter stresses. EM is currently working on a number of additional innovations, in terms of reporting and helping customers track their sales, so as to streamline its service offering even further.

About ElectroMechanica
ElectroMechanica was established in 1984 by David van den Berg as a specialised direct importer and wholesale distributor of high-end industrial electrical products, motor control switchgear and electronic automation products. A wholly-owned South African company, ElectroMechanica offers its clients state-of-the-art products, sourced from leading local and international brands, all complying with recognised international safety standards and performance specifications.


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