Expect more from your kinematic viscometer. SVM 3001 Cold Properties – the smartest solution for your low-temperature fuel measurements

Anton Paar takes the SVM Smart Viscometer series one step further. The new SVM 3001 Cold Properties provides more parameters than ever before, including freeze point, cloud point, kinematic viscosity and density, making it the most flexible and economic viscometer on the market. SVM 3001 Cold Properties is compliant with ASTM D1655, D2880, D7566, DEF STAN 91-091, AFQRJOS, D396, D975, EN ISO 16896, and many other relevant standards.


Extreme versatility

Measurements with the SVM x001 series already provided key parameters such as kinematic viscosity, density, API grades, and viscosity index. In addition to all the parameters, the cloud point and freeze point of samples such as jet fuel or diesel can now be measured as well – and all from a single syringe. The integrated measuring cell not only covers the full measurement range, but also measures all samples without the need of changing capillaries. This unique combination of features makes SVM 3001 Cold Properties not only perfectly suitable for quality control purposes on a wide range of petroleum samples, but also serves as an outstanding platform for R&D applications. Fast temperature scans provide information on the behavior of samples across a wide temperature range. SVM 3001 Cold Properties also allows for temperature measurement at 12 cSt for safe operation.

Economic efficiency

Not only does SVM 3001 Cold Properties measure more parameters than any other viscometer on the market, it does so with the highest efficiency. The compact measuring cell requires only 1.5 mL of sample or cleaning solvent, saving purchase and disposal costs for solvents. Thanks to its integrated Peltier technology, SVM 3001 Cold Properties does not require a liquid bath to maintain and regulate temperature. Temperatures as low as -20 °C, are reached without external counter-cooling, which makes the instrument ideal for performing jet fuel certification. In addition, the low energy consumption of SVM 3001 Cold Properties (max. 250 W) leads to low energy costs and high levels of economic efficiency and sustainability.

Immediately ready to use

SVM 3001 Cold Properties is ready for measurements right out of the box. There is no need for lengthy installation or adjustment. Simply unbox the instrument, plug it in, switch it on and push the button to start the measurement. With the modern, intuitive software and the customizable, state-of-the-art user interface you can be sure to see all parameters you need at one glance, allowing you to get the most from your SVM 3001 Cold Properties. The embedded PC provides a multitude of calculations, saving time and making an external computer unnecessary. The internal software of SVM 3001 Cold Properties even includes bias-corrected D445 results (using bias statements developed by ASTM) for samples such as jet fuel, diesel or biodiesel blends.

For more information, visit the Anton Paar website: https://bit.ly/3miqkHd

SVM 3001 cold properties: Heated sampler changer

Anton Paar’s Xsample series offers you more automation options than you will find anywhere else. The two Xsample sample changers can be combined with Anton Paar’s kimenatic viscometer: SVM 3001 cold properties, to provide the exact automation workflow you need.

From low to high viscosities, from corrosive samples to dissolved gases, from single measurements to high-throughput solutions for large quantities of sample per day – we know how to automate your daily business.

Xsample 610 is a heated single sample changer for the automated filling of highly viscous or even solid samples at room temperature. With its outstanding temperature range of up to 95 °C, the fastest measurement of crude oil, gels, and waxes is ensured in combination with density meters and viscometers from Anton Paar. Operators do not have to handle hot syringes to fill the sample into the measuring instrument. Automated cleaning and drying guarantee the best user experience.

  • The single sample changer for heavy duty applications
  • Heats up samples up to 95 °C (200 °F) for easy filling
  • Ideal for crude oil, waxes, and gels
  • Automated cleaning and drying enables minimal operator handling
  • Compatible with most commercially available syringes

Find out more: https://bit.ly/3bd5NNJ

The Xsample 630 sample changer handles up to 36 heated sample positions for all Anton Paar master instruments. Improved heating leads to short heating periods, time savings, and increased performance. Temperatures up to 95 °C are achieved in the system. Even challenging samples can be measured according to strict ASTM standards. The robust design ensures reliable and maintenance-free operation. A removable magazine with dedicated non-heated positions saves time by facilitating sample handling and even makes a second measuring system obsolete.

  • The multi-sample changer with no limits for high viscosities
  • Handles up to 56 samples with heated (up to 95 °C / 200 °F) and non-heated samples at the same time
  • Automated cleaning and drying
  • Safe electrical heating, no water bath required

Find out more: https://bit.ly/3vL9eoo

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