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Fenner Drive Alignment Laser – pulley and sprocket alignment

BMG’s extensive range of Fenner power transmission components encompasses the Fenner Drive Alignment Laser instrument, designed for accurate pulley and sprocket alignment, to reduce wear on belts and pulleys and ensure drive efficiency.

“The portable Fenner Drive Alignment Laser system – suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounted machines – is quick and easy to use for accurate results,” explains Carlo Beukes, general manager, power transmission, BMG. “The laser line of this compact and lightweight tool, allows rapid adjustment to perfect alignment. Conventional alignment methods, which often require difficult, lengthy positioning of components, can prolong downtime and affect efficiency.


Fenner Drive Alignment Laser – application

“The Fenner alignment system shows parallel and angular misalignment and as a result, drive efficiency is improved and energy savings are increased. With minimal friction and vibration, the service life of chain, sprockets, shafts and bearings is significantly extended and the costs of maintenance, repair and downtime are reduced.”

For maximum accuracy, the mounting unit is magnetised to attach firmly to sheaves or pulleys. It is also possible to attach this instrument to non-magnetic sheaves using double sided adhesive tape.

Fenner Drive Alignment Laser - application

Fenner Drive Alignment Laser

BMG’s Fenner range also includes synchronous transmission belts, pulleys and accessories, as well as shaft fixings, chain drives and couplings. BMG also supplies Fenner shaft mounted speed reducers (SMSRs).

For further information: Carlo Beukes, General Manager, Power Transmission, BMG
Telephone: (011) 620 1500 Email: carlob@bmgworld.net Web: www.bmgworld.net

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