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Fibertex – Absorex non woven material for condensation control in in buildings

The extensive range of Fibertex geotextiles, which is designed for use in the construction sector, encompasses Absorex – a non woven material, that enhances the value of a building and protects its contents by preventing condensation and limiting corrosion.

“Absorex is designed to control condensation and corrosion problems on metal and steel roofs in all climate conditions, including installations in harsh coastal environments,” says Lance Woolley, business development manager, Fibertex South Africa. “This durable material prevents water from dripping into buildings causing damage to furniture, equipment and stored goods. Absorex also protects against mould growth and reduces reflective noise from rain.

“In addition to protecting the roof against corrosion and keeping the building’s contents dry, the polyester layer improves aesthetics of the ceiling.”

When temperature and humidity conditions of the roof structure reach dew point, Absorex applied on the roof panels absorbs moisture and contains it until conditions are back above dew point. The moisture is then released back into the air as vapour.

Absorex is designed for easy application directly on the roll forming line of the steel metal at the roof manufacturer, where it is cut into sheets. This material, which is resistant to tearing and cutting through, has a self adhesive coating and a siliconised foil protection layer which is removed before application.

There are three different materials in this range, with various qualities for water absorption – Absorex 416 09,5 CF 95 g/mᶟ, Absorex 416 09, 11 CF 110 g/mᶟ and Absorex 416 09, 14 CF 140 g/mᶟ.


Fibertex – Absorex non woven material for condensation control in buildings

This range is tested to stringent EN ISO 13501-1 specifications for fire retardancy, to meet new global standards for fire resistance, smoke development and burning drops. All roof panels applied with Absorex can be classified B-s1, d0. Absorex is also fungus tested to EN 14199 method A2 as a guarantee against mould growth.

Fibertex offers support to its extensive range of woven and non woven geotextiles with a technical advisory and back up service throughout Africa.

For further information
Lance Woolley, Business Development Manager, Fibertex South Africa (Pty) Ltd
16 Van Eck Avenue, Hammarsdale, 3700
Telephone (031) 736 7100
Mobile 083 414 1026


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