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Fibertex Kavi needlepunched liner pipeline renovations

Fibertex KAVI felts – manufactured from polyester fibres – form the basis for effective coating, impregnation and installation of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners, for highly efficient ‘no-dig’ pipeline renovation projects.

“Fibertex KAVI multiple layer felt liners make it possible to repair even heavily damaged pipelines using the ‘no-dig’ method, with numerous advantages over conventional open trench pipe repair procedures,” says Lance Woolley, business development manager, Fibertex South Africa. “With these cured-in-place liners, there is no need for excavation during pipeline repair work and thus inconvenience to traffic, production, business or residents is minimised.

“These environmentally-friendly needlepunched nonwoven felts are designed to restore full or partial pipeline bearing capacity, improve hydraulic pipeline parameters, increase flowrate and ensure perfect pipeline tightness.

“These felts, which are resistant to abrasion and chemical agents, are designed to later accept the saturation of epoxy-based polyurethane resins to ensure efficient performance and extended service life from the cured pipe liner. Fibertex KAVI needlepunched fabrics also ensure elasticity of the repaired pipelines, providing a smooth interior, with no joints. Contamination is minimised and cracks in the yielding soil are prevented.”

A uniform felt weight and density is designed to meet exact application requirements, as well as the diameter and shape of the pipe to be repaired, including ovoid, arch shaped or circular cross sections. Felts made for building up layers are produced to precise width and length specifications, with uniform thickness.

Benefits of Fibertex cured-in-place technology also include polyester fibres that provide at least 50 years of durability, biaxial stiffness made to exact specifications and suitability for inversion, pull-in and inflate installations. High tensile strength of the liner is achieved by a sandwich structure and scrim combinations in certain products in the KAVI range.

There are two locally produced Fibertex KAVI nonwoven fabrics in the range – Fiberliner 030 and Fiberliner 060 that complement the European options – KAVI 660, KAVI 6805 and KAVI 960 – all available in standard 100 m length rolls.

The local Fibertex plant in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal, manufactures an extensive range of geosynthetic products for use in diverse sectors, including mining, civil engineering, construction, waste and environmental fields. The company also offers solutions to automotive, filtration, furniture and flooring industries.

For further information
Lance Woolley, Business Development Manager, Fibertex South Africa (Pty) Ltd
16 Van Eck Avenue, Hammarsdale, 3700
Telephone (031) 736 7100
Mobile 083 414 1026


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