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Finding solutions to meet the world’s changing resources and energy needs

Social writer Eric Hoffer wrote “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”, a quote that resonates with Denver Dreyer, CEO of WorleyParsons RSA. As a company that helps customers meet the world’s changing resources and energy needs, WorleyParsons understands the need for agility and developing new solutions to ever-changing challenges. The company delivers projects and provides expertise in engineering, procurement and construction management across the full asset lifecycle in the hydrocarbons, infrastructure, minerals, metals and chemicals sectors.

Operating in a global environment that is leaner and fitter than it has ever been, with customers seeking ways to deliver more with less, Dreyer says that WorleyParsons RSA is focusing on finding cost-effective and innovative solutions to address the current challenges facing the mining sector. A key focus is on assisting emerging miners to access funding for their mining projects by helping to develop their studies to a point where obtaining funding is easier.

Developed by Advisian, a WorleyParsons global business providing management and strategic advisory services, StepWise is a low-cost financial and technical process model that enables emerging miners, as well as Tier 1 companies, to evaluate a resource and identify risks upfront. “In a world of constrained capital, companies seek maximum return on investment, and the unique StepWise process very quickly and cost-effectively identifies whether or not an ore body or any other type of resource project will be viable or feasible,” says Dreyer. He explains that the methodology enables a significant number of options to be tested in a short period of time to determine the optimal outcome to pursue given the constraints. The StepWise process provides solid data to enable prospective funders to make strategic investment decisions, with a focus on maximising returns, while minimising and managing exposure to risk.


Denver Dreyer

While technology in the mining sector has remained relatively static over the last few decades, WorleyParsons has been cultivating a culture of innovation. Locally the company has been integrating latest developments in design and computing to create innovative tools that improve efficiencies and reduce risk in mining projects. WorleyParsons RSA began developing its integrated design project platform over six years ago, by integrating 3D intelligent design data mapping with over 20 different engineering design processes and programmes to create a visual 5D design scope that incorporates schedule and cost. The 5D integrated project design platform presents miners with the ability to look pre-emptively forward and create a scenario plan for their project, and engage in the right discussions with prospective shareholders.

A recent development at WorleyParsons RSA which aims to provide highly skilled resources to the table in a cost-effective way is the Extended Consultant Programme (ECP). With access to subject matter experts on a contract basis, WorleyParsons is able to broaden its skill base across the African location and tap into years of specialised expertise and experience cost-effectively when required.

Locally, transformation in the industry is a priority for service providers such as WorleyParsons. “Traditional markets are changing and service providers have to be proactive or else be at risk of becoming obsolete. As part of our unwavering commitment to transformation, we are leading this agenda in engineering across all sectors in South Africa,” says Dreyer. “We have identified and partnered with sustainable, empowered businesses that are capable of growing with us. As part of our Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme we are collaborating with SMEs to jointly deliver services in the mining, water, energy and infrastructure sectors. The partnerships that we are creating are mutually beneficial. We will evaluate the strengths that each party brings to the table and identify where we can help each other. These enterprises will benefit from skills transfer and gain an understanding of how to successfully deliver bigger projects with our support, while we do our part to transform the engineering sector in South Africa,” says Dreyer.

The company also recently hosted the Supplier Grow Conference (in collaboration with South32) aimed at tackling the issues of access to the market for SMEs, and identifying opportunities and innovation in the mining and construction sector with transformation in mind. “The conference provided a forum for discussing the challenges that mining companies and SMEs are facing today. Through our activities such as this conference, we are committed to co-creating a future for all players in the sector and finding solutions to overcome the challenges jointly as an industry,” concludes Dreyer.


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