Front runner in the reconditioning and supply of Valves

Enserve Engineering Services exhibited at the Secunda Petrochemical Roadshow on the 23 June 2022.

Enserve Engineering Services Pty Ltd has been a front runner in the reconditioning and supply of Valves since inception in 1994. Having built up a trusted reputation within the Oil and Gas, Power, Pulp and paper, as well as the Haz chem industries. 

Boasting four fully functional workshops, one satellite office, three mobile workshops with presence in 5 African Countries operating daily, providing solutions to clientele struggling with valve related issues. These workshops are all outfitted with state of the art equipment providing industry leading services to their customers. Boasting both On-Site servicing equipment such as our Accu-Test On-Line, In-Line Pressure Testing equipment (Trevi-Testing), a vast amount of In-Line Pneumatic Valve Lapping tools, Various state of the art Ventil Safety and control valve testing benches ensuring the most accurately set safety valves, mobile workshops, mobile safety valve refurbishment vehicles, on-site calibration and verification equipment and a vast network of partnerships, knowledgeable and skilled employees as well as World Class Product Offerings.


Enserve Engineering Services Pty Ltd along with its affiliate companies (Mozambique, Environmental and East Coast valves) are looking to offer more than just a valve repair service. But an integrated solutions driven service, at all stages of the project from Specification and plant condition audit, instrumentation verification services, sizing and selection, supply, commissioning, refurbishment, testing and after sales services such as spares management and optimization of the customer’s plant. 

This drive has proven fruitful to our customers that are under pressure to produce and hit targets while we make sure they are enjoying peace of mind and reduced down-time. 

With the introduction of our new and improved Process Instrumentation & control division, mobile technical services, Bulk storage tank terminal surveys and optimization, we have revolutionized the ever-changing industry.

Our Process Instrumentation & control division has gone from being an approved repair agent of all major control valve OEM products to becoming an OEM sole supplier in Southern Africa for the Dyna-Flo control valve brand. Meeting all the international standards., including ISO, PED. Rivalling the other major OEM manufacturers.


Mobile technical Services have always been part of our service offering. However, in the last three years, we have ramped up our equipment and expertise buy building another large mobile rig that has everything needed to repair and recertify Safety Valves in remote locations with ease and the outstanding quality every plant requires. This industry leading service reduces risk of removing precious equipment from site, reduces travel time and cost. While giving the customer assurance that his equipment is safe, easily accessible and professionally refurbished up to standard. 

One of the hinderances for the aging equipment of the south African plants is that the South African foundry and manufacturing operations decrease, and large OEM valve manufacturers no longer manufactures in South Africa. This causes long lead times as well as expensive replacements on redundant or aging equipment. By refurbishing the aging equipment Enserve maintains the standard of the OEM and strives to keep raising the bar for competitors to do the same. These services have been rendered on various remote plants throughout South Africa and bordering countries on very tight schedules and high quantity valves with a “No-Rework” work ethic and customer satisfaction culture. These attributes have ensured Enserve’s customers to prefer Enserve’s industry leading service offering and have become a household name in the Valve & Engineering industry, raising the bar for competitors to provide the best quality service offering to the industry for aging equipment. 

Bulk storage tank terminal surveys and optimization, Enserve Engineering and Enserve Environmental have joined forces with Groth Corp in working with customers to meet their emissions standards which are becoming more necessary than ever before due to environmental restrictions, cost saving initiatives across the board and a drive to a greener footprint for all operation plants. Enserve Environmental can detect leakages, quantify leakage rates with our specialized leak detection technology and precise software calculations. Giving our customers who fall victim to product loss through their breather/vent valves if they are not professionally maintained to API2000 standards. Given the safety and environmental risks coupled with the soaring cost of product, the industry requires a partner to assist them in compliance with the environmental codes and of course product losses that effect the bottom line. We at Enserve can offer this “Valve Life Cycle” service to the industry as well as equipment which is API2000 compliant.

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