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Full range of measuring tools for the African market

A full range of premium German measuring tools are available locally from leading distributor Upat in Johannesburg, ranging from levels to lasers and even tape measures.

The main benefit to the African market of the extensive Stabila range is that products include entry-level units all the way to sophisticated digital devices, and even a magnetic pocket level specifically for engineers, Upat Product Specialist Charl Weber explains. The German company has become synonymous with measuring tools, registering the brand in 1929, with the initial focus on rules, spirit levels, and measuring tapes.


Some of its more recent innovations include: the development of a protective system to protect rotation lasers in case they are knocked over, a dust- and waterproof electronic module for spirit levels that sets a new benchmark for construction sites, and a revolutionary new spirit-level design unveiled in 2013. The patented aluminium R-profile spirit-level design allows for added sturdiness, stability and grip, and also provides the option of being able to mark out with the spirit level itself.

Such is the quality and precision of its instruments that Stabila is the only measuring-tool manufacturer to offer a ten-year warranty on its products. “I think that the traditional perception has always been that German products offer exceptional quality. This means that German brands are accepted more easily in the local market, and trusted to function as advertised. Their reliability is a major selling point,” Weber points out. Different products are available for diverse applications, with spirit levels alone ranging from 30 mm to 2 m. Within this scope itself there are about 26 different products, Weber adds.

An ideal tool for contractors is the Stabila LD 420 laser distance measurer. “This tool is ideal for tradespeople who need to measure and calculate material or labour costs for quotations on-site,” Weber comments. A comprehensive package of 13 functions allows for quick and precise measurement of up to 100 m. An IP 65 protection rating means that the LD 420 is particularly robust, and can be used both indoors or outdoors. This ISO-certified distance measurer has a range from 0.05 m to 100 m, while its ± 1.0 mm accuracy complies with ISO 16331-1.


“This is actually a mid-range Stabila product that we are punting quite heavily in the local market. Our intention is for every contractor in South Africa to have an LD 420 at least, with the higher-end versions aimed at contract directors and quantity surveyors, for example. These products are extremely well-priced for the level of innovation that they provide,” Weber stresses.

Upat offers complete measuring solutions, ranging from special-diameter flat pencils that cannot roll off uneven surfaces, all the way through to laser levels and digital measurers. “Not only do we offer comprehensive packages, but we also have training days for our customers in order to familiarise them with the products and their features, and how they can boost productivity and accuracy on-site,” Weber concludes.


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