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Full range of wear solutions for materials-handling applications

From impact to sliding abrasion, Rio-Carb has a full range of wear solutions for a range of materials-handling applications.

The wear-engineering specialist can become involved as early as the design stage in order to ensure that all operating conditions and parameters are catered for, explains Director Sias Suurd. This ranges from installing sacrificial surfaces (liners) to replaceable parts (maintenance). Materials range from Chromium Carbide (CrC) overlay plate to high-impact plate, 400 and 500 Brinell material and most recently, ceramics.


Rio-Carb innovative solutions include modular chutes hybrid liner packages and even ceramics for diverse industries

CrC overlay plate comprises a ductile and weldable backplate, a quality-controlled fusion zone, and a hard chromium carbide overlay. It is an ideal wear-resistant material for chutes, cyclones, skips, feeders, crushers, dozers, haul trucks, excavators, and draglines.

Fastening methods range from countersunk bolts with hard-faced bolts to stud welding. The latter involves flash welding for half-a-second, a 15° bend test demonstrating the strength of the stud (M16), nuts and washers to finish the studs, and positioning within 1 mm for easy finishing.

In addition, Rio-Carb can even offer hybrid liner packages for applications as diverse as dozer blades and haul trucks. The former involves 3D scanning of earthmoving equipment and custom designs as per client specifications. Hybrid liners can combine Brinell 400 and 500, CrC, and manganese impact plate.

Rio-Carb also offers a modular chute concept to eliminate health-and-safety risks associated with liner maintenance. Modular chutes are more easily transportable, with a 30% weight saving. Liner wear can be measured externally by means of an ultrasonic thickness tester. Chutes can be designed from standard-size wear panels, which reduces the number of parts required and subsequent stockholding.

“Our innovations such as our modular chutes to our hybrid liner packages, upgraded liner packaging, and entry into ceramics is part of a renewed focus on A-to-Z wear solutions for diverse applications and industries,” Suurd concludes.


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