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“Gold standard” of industrial temperature calibration

Fluke, represented locally by The Comtest Group, has on offer the 1551A Ex and 1552A EX “Stik” Thermometers, engineered to give temperature calibration specialists the durable, intrinsically-safe digital instrument they need for precision temperature calibration. The Fluke 1551A and 1552A “Stik” thermometers provide a highly precise and durable digital replacement for mercury-in-glass thermometers.

They are intrinsically safe (ATEX and IECEx compliant), so they can be used safely where potentially explosive gases may be present. More durable than mercury-in-glass instruments, they can be used reliably outdoors or on the production floor.

The 1551A “Stik” Thermometer covers a temperature range of –50 °C to 160 °C. The model 1552A Ex covers a range of –80 °C to 300 °C.  Both models are accurate to ± 0.05 °C over their full temperature range.   Process manufacturers of chemical, pharmaceutical, food or petroleum products require accurate temperature measurements. Since temperature sensors are subject to drift with time, regular calibration or verification against a reliable reference thermometer is required. Finding a reference thermometer that is accurate, repeatable and robust was a challenge to the manufacturer.


Although accurate and repeatable, mercury thermometers are fragile. The risk of a mercury spill poses potential hazards to the environment and to health. Many of the U.S. States and European Union countries have banned their use in industrial applications. The stainless steel probe and digital readout of the Fluke 1551A Ex/1152A EX “Stik” Thermometers are fixed together and calibrated as a system. The accuracy specification is easy to understand since it includes all uncertainty components, including drift, for up to one year. The large backlit LCD display rotates 90 degrees, making for easy reading from any angle. A user-configurable stability/trend indicator lets the technician know when temperature is stable enough to record an accurate measurement.

A user-settable auto-off function extends typical battery life to three hundred hours. A low-battery indicator and stop-measure function prevent erroneous measurements from being made due to low battery life. A simple three-point calibration function allows the operator to easily and accurately calibrate the “Stik” Thermometer. Data logging to internal memory of up to 10,000 time-stamped measurements is optionally available.

For more information of Fluke’s 1551A Ex and 1552A EX “Stik” Thermometers or information about seminars, demos or to locate the nearest dealer, please contact Comtest on 010 595 1821 or visit


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