Growing niche for dry-type transformers in oil, gas projects

Demanding safety requirements in the oil and gas sector are being met by custom-designed dry-type transformers from specialist company Trafo Power Solutions.

“We are seeing growing success in the application of dry-type transformer technology in this industry, where all equipment must be safe to use in hazardous areas,” says David Claassen, Trafo Power Solution’s managing director. “Being air-cooled, these transformers are a safe alternative to conventional transformers, which generally use oil as their coolant medium.”

Oil presents risks of explosion, fire and environmental damage while dry-type transformers, by contrast, can be installed indoors, in confined spaces and in proximity to operational areas where people are present.

A cast resin transformer installed in one of twenty five modular substations being installed at a construction camp for the Mozambique LNG project.

“Through our strategic partnership with leading transformer manufacturer TMC Transformers in Italy, we can design, supply and install fit-for-purpose solutions for hazardous areas,” says Claassen. “TMC’s facilities include state-of-the-art technology and capability, and allow us to compete with the best quality and range available globally.”

In one of Trafo Power Solution’s largest projects to date, it is partnering with TMC Transformers to supply the world-class Mozambique liquid natural gas (LNG) project in that country’s northern Cabo Delgado province. Eighteen dry-type transformers are already on site, inside modular substations for the project’s first construction camp of about 9,500 contractors.

Also being supplied are 20 specialised dry-type transformers for the project’s gas plant, delivering features that only a few players in the global transformer sector could deliver.

“These 400 kVA to 1600 kVA transformers will be housed in IP56 enclosures, equipping them for high levels of ingress protection,” he says.

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