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High Data Rates with Webb’s M12 Connector Series from Telegärtner


With the Telegärtner STX M12 IP67 connector series, Jasco’s Webb Industries offers solutions to the industry’s demand for consistent cabling of industrial communication networks in accordance with IEC 61918 which prescribes M12X1 circular connectors in 4- and 8-pole versions as a plug interface.

The series contains M12X1 D- and X-coded connectors which are suitable for connecting to both solid conductors and stranded wire cables.

Another important feature of the Telegärtner STX M12 IP67 connector series is its printed circuit board bulkhead sockets with housings for front or back mounting and the series is rounded off by its pre-assembled connecting cables for connection to terminating equipment or that equipment to control cabinet.


The M12 circular connector series is designed for transmitting maximum data rates


The STX M12x1 connector series can be used for applications such as security and video surveillance (CCTV), passenger information systems (PIS), production systems or production monitoring with high-resolution cameras. Users can, for example connect X-ray machines for baggage inspection at airports encapsulated and safe from manipulation with the M12 circular connector.

The M12 is also a real trump card in railway vehicles: It helps to distribute the increasing data volume reliably while transmitting the data to all connected systems and devices in the train to, inter alia, cameras or switches.


As 4-pole D-coded compact connectors in Cat.5e, the Telegärtner M12 can transmit data rates up to 100 Mbit/s in the PROFINET environment. X-coded in Cat.6A, the 8-pole version can transmit data rates up to 10 Gbit/s according to CDV IEC 61076-2-109. The high bandwidth is ensured by separating the four pairs transmission with a cross shield (X-coding). Additionally, a power supply to connected terminating equipment is possible.

An important part of the STX M12x1 connector series are the bulkhead sockets in Cat.6A. They are available with housings for front or back mounting as well as versions without housings with a fourfold shield connection to the printed circuit board and feature versatile mounting possibilities.

A standout feature of the M12 is that, thanks to an intelligent wire management and simple screw connection system, the individual components of the STX M12x1 cable plug can be assembled quickly and easily on site completely without the use of special tools.


The Telegärtner M12 circular connector series is designed for transmitting maximum data rates in a wide range of industrial applications. It is supported in South Africa by leading telecommunications solutions provider Webb, Telegärtner’s long-time distributors in this country.

For more information please contact Cor Berdenhann on 084 034 7777


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