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High-efficiency evaporation system for mine wastewater

A cost-efficient and highly effective water evaporation system for mine wastewater has been developed by I-CAT Water Solutions.

After identifying the need for an environmentally-safe evaporation system to reduce excess wastewater at mines, I-CAT Water Solutions developed the I-VAP 500 Evaporation Cannon, which is capable of handling 500 m3 per 12-hour day. The evaporation rate is 60% to 65%, depending on ambient weather conditions, I-CAT Technical Manager Morne Van Wyk explains.

This latest wastewater treatment and management system from I-CAT Water Solutions ensures that wastewater from mine sites does not enter the general environment and thereby contaminate water further downstream. A particular benefit of the I-VAP 500 is its low energy-use to evaporation ratio, Van Wyk notes.


The I-VAP 500 features a low energy-use-to-evaporation ratio.

The I-VAP 500 can cover 32 000 m2, with an automatic oscillation option of up to 359°. In addition, an integrated turntable bearing allows the operator to override the oscillator manually in order to reposition the fan barrel quickly. What’s more, the cannon has an adjustable angle of throw, with a height adjustment of 7° to 45°.

It produces a large spray pattern that allows for a longer float time, thereby increasing the evaporation rate. The cannon works by atomising the water through 38 nozzles, which are available in PVC, stainless steel, brass or nylon, depending on the application.

It discharges 21.3 litres a minute through each nozzle, with the 55 kW pump delivering a maximum pressure of 10 bar. The droplet size is 150 µ to 180 µ, with a throw distance of 80 m to 110 m.

The I-VAP 500 features an integrated fan and nozzle ring design, together with a high-pressure hose and a 40 mm cam-and-groove quick disconnect female coupling. It boasts a premium efficiency 0.10 kW oscillator motor, and is supplied with a 50 mm electrical cord of up to 30 m, with other options being available.

The control panel itself is secured in a stainless steel cabinet, with the cannon itself constructed from composite materials in order to prevent rust, as well as making it lightweight, durable and mobile.

Regular maintenance is essential, with I-CAT Water Solutions recommending that the nozzles be inspected quarterly if potable water is used. A strainer should also be used at all times. The fan motor, high-pressure pump and oscillator bearing should be greased in accordance with a regular maintenance schedule. The I-VAP 500 is covered by a three-year or 3 000-hour warranty, Van Wyk concludes.

Dimensions of the I-VAP 500 Evaporation Cannon (standard skid mount)
• 2 105 mm wide
• 2 600 mm long
• 2 510 mm high
• 1 480 kg

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About I-CAT
I-CAT is a leading environmental solutions company with a primary focus on supplying products and services that assist industrial clients in various aspects of environmental compliance. The company is well positioned to assist all its clients’ needs in environmental management regarding; dust suppression solutions, water solutions, environmental management services, carbon solutions, agro-forestry products and fire solutions.

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