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Honourable Premier Mr David Makhura names In2IT’s newly launched Chatbot ‘Mapula’ at the Technology Innovation Conference 2018

In2IT Technologies, a leading ICT managed service provider, recently launched their latest innovation – a software bot – at the Technology Innovation Conference 2018, hosted by the Gauteng provincial government. The honourable Premier Mr David Makhura, who attended the event, named In2IT’s newly launched chatbot ‘Mapula’, meaning ‘mother of rain’ in Sesotho, at their stand on the 1st of February 2018.

The objective of the event was to bring together ICT experts and decision makers from across the public and private sectors in South Africa as well as academia to discuss the impact of technology innovation and disruption on business and the country as a whole. Saurabh Kumar, CEO at In2IT Technologies, who spoke at the panel discussion on Innovation in South Africa and Gauteng says, “South Africa has made great strides in technology over the past decade and will continue to contribute to world-wide innovation. The future holds many advancements and one day, places like libraries will become innovation and learning hubs where one can walk in, put on AR glasses and interact and learn from Albert Einstein himself.  We are committed to assist drive this goal and make it a reality.”


Kumar continues, “As the South African government looks towards new technologies that will improve and enhance services to the citizens of South Africa , Software bots will become a highly beneficial tool, providing the ability to change the way persons engage with government departments. This event was the perfect platform to launch our Artificial Intelligence (AI) software bot, which was very appropriately named ‘Mapula’ by the honourable Premier Mr David Makhura.”

The name ‘Mapula’ was especially significant, as it was given to bring hope and support to those in the Western Cape who are currently struggling with the devastating drought. Moreover, Mapula – who in her own right is a type of technological ‘rain man’ or should it be ‘rain woman’ in this case – has the power to combine the ease of mobile messaging with the power of AI.   Mapula presents users with new ways of engaging with an organisation and solving problems. This Software bot that encompasses robotic process automation (RPA) will enable citizen services to be easily executed and will create an efficient way of integrating service tools. Using RPA any element of operation can be automated whether it is with the client themselves or outsourced to a service provider. Thus it gives clients a better control of operations by core team.


The Technology Innovation Conference 2018 promoted the idea that South Africa  has much to highlight and ‘showcase’ when it comes to technological innovation. Yet, sectors such as agriculture, mining, health, financial services, energy, government, academics and corporates still need to come together and collaborate on new ways of going forward.

“Collaboration is key when it comes to the future of technology and its role in innovation. However, South Africa not only needs to adopt new ways of doing things but importantly, ‘un-learn’ the known, therefore, breaking down the proverbial ‘silos’. Then only can sectors adopt new practices that are geared for the digital revolution,” adds Kumar. “We at In2IT were proud to be part of such a prestigious event and feel that technologies such as software bots will usher in a new era to South Africa, breaking through the norm and creating new ways of doing things. In saying this, both the public and private sector will need to start making themselves ready for this next step and we hope to help and join them in this journey.”


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