No two pump rental applications are unlike, and it is this understanding that has positioned Integrated Pump Rental as one of the leading pump rental operations in South Africa.

Managing director, Lee Vine, says that some dewatering applications are simple plug-and-play operations where access to electric power is not an issue, but others, especially in remote or difficult to reach areas, require the use of diesel driven pump sets. “Large diesel driven pump sets are not always the answer where electricity is not available and to provide customers with a effective solution we recently introduced the Quax hydraulically driven pump range into our fleet.”

The hydraulic powerpack is well suited to individual Quax submersible pumps.

Not only will these hydraulically driven submersible pumps complement the existing Integrated Pump Rental fleet by filling the gap between the electrically operated submersibles and those powered by diesel, it will also open opportunities for the company to extend its reach into other markets. Vine says these include dewatering on construction and infrastructure projects in built-up areas as well as in the wastewater treatment sector.

“Quax is well proven in Europe. It is a reliable workhorse that can pump in all sorts of conditions. Apart from dealing with large particles and sludge, the pumps work particularly well where suction lift can be an issue,” Vine says.

The Quax range of submersible pumps includes a 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” unit, and all units are equipped with a run-dry capability which is considered essential in dewatering applications. The pumps are simple to install and operate, and offer reliable pumping even under challenging conditions. This, Vine, says enables end-users to dewater effectively in areas that are traditionally difficult to reach.

The pumps are equipped with a range of impeller option, increasing the versatility of these units. This includes a two bladed impeller for dealing with large particles, a screw impeller for pumping in thick sludge, a stainless steel impeller for applications with a low pH and a high head impeller.

Each hydraulic powerpack is well suited to the individual pump making it compact yet powerful, and each has an automatic shutdown feature should the installation operate outside of its set temperature parameters. The silent powerpack is fully enclosed which reduces noise during operation and makes these units suitable for operation in suburban area.

All pumps are supplied with the requisite accessories for the dewatering application at hand, and this includes pump hose flotation devices.

Quax hydraulically driven submersible pump are available from Integrated Pump Rental for outright purchase or for rental.

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