Hytec Fluid Technology’s vacuum dehydrators enable high performance of hydraulic systems

Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT) is the official distributor of the Hy-Pro vacuum dehydration units, manufactured in the USA by Hy-Pro Filtration. These units continuously and efficiently remove contaminants – including the “invisible enemy”, water – from hydraulic oil. This reduces the need for costly maintenance of filter systems and machinery, extending the life of the hydraulic oil and machinery. As the local value-added distributor of Hy-Pro equipment, HFT is authorised and technically skilled in the installation and service of this range of vacuum dehydrators. 


The Hy-Pro unit is safe and easy to operate. It is easily installed and can usually be configured and set-up in under an hour. “This technology is so versatile that it can be deployed in any industry sector. HFT has successfully installed static assemblies in the power generation, petrochemical, oil and gas as well as pulp and paper industries, and receives positive feedback on a regular basis,” comments Cameron Milner, Technical Division, HFT. 

The Hy-Pro dehydrator removes free, emulsified and dissolved water, as well as gases, from hydraulic oil. It achieves this by heating the oil and passing it though a vacuum chamber, where the dissolved gases and water are boiled off. The oil is then passed through a particulate filter which automatically removes all particulate matter from the oil. This extends component and bearing life, as well as the use life of the oil.  

The dehydrator system includes a pre-programmed, relay-enabled control panel. This provides the unit operator with full access to the necessary functionality of the machine, inclusive of the monitoring telemetry for relative humidity (RH) percentage, ISO cleanliness, temperature and pressures.  

“Due to the unique process flow of system, the dual condensate tank setup allows this assembly to sustain its own vacuum and facilitates a controlled environment and continuous operation,” says Milner. Certain parameter configurations must be programmed before deployment, but once complete, the system continues to operate automatically. It shuts down as a failsafe in the event of a fault. “As for maintenance, the units will only require replacement of the breather elements (environment dependant) as well as the post element replacement for the oil conditioning circuit. This is indicated with onboard monitoring technology and the unit operator can determine the procedure based on the telemetry,” adds Milner. 

HFT is a leader in vacuum dehydration technology, which it has supplied direct to customers for 12 years. During installation, HFT ensures the correct installation/fitment of the discharge line, suction line, and the water drain line. In addition, it carries out operator training, as well as servicing and maintenance of the systems as per customer service level agreements. “We also have our own rental fleet of machines, available for short- or long-term hire,” explains Milner.

The Hy-Pro unit carries a factory safe warranty of 12 months and is backed up with support and service agreements from HFT, which holds stock of all serviceable parts and replacement components.

HFT is a Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group company.

Website: https://www.boschrexroth.africa

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