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Implementing a thermography maintenance program

With Fluke’s Professional Series Ti450, Ti400 and Ti300 Thermal Imagers

In the past, establishing a preventive maintenance program has required a lot of tedious work and often just doesn’t work the way it should. The goal of a successful program is to have easy access to historical data for each piece of critical equipment, so measure-ment trends can be monitored and maintenance downtime planned – preventing equipment down situations.

Getting started

• Gain support from management
Get thermogra¬phy training, ascertain as to how thermography program performance results will be measured.
• Practice reading thermographic images
Gain Ti expertise by using the camera 2-3 times each week for 6 months and get certified. Plan work, track findings, and document results.
• Meet regularly with first level managers, line supervisors and other co-workers
Explain what thermography involves, demonstrate the camera, ask for support and set up a mechanism to request thermography surveys.
• Integrate with other mainte¬nance efforts
Thermography is often part of a larger preventive or predictive maintenance program. Data from several technologies, such as vibration, motor circuit analysis, airborne ultra¬sound, and lube analysis can all be used to study the condition of a machine asset. Ideally, these technologies will work from and with the same computerized main¬tenance management system (CMMS), to access equipment lists and histories as well as to store reports and manage work orders.
• Establish written inspection procedures
Written inspection procedures drive the quality of the data collected and ensure the inspection is done safely. Key ingre¬dients include safety, conditions required, and guidance for interpreting the data.



As a starting point for creating specific inspection procedures, review the current industry standards. See if the company has procedures that can be used as a guide and then start with the major electrical and mechanical applications and refine as the program develops.

Avoid prioritizing findings based on temperature alone. Temperature measurements identify problems extremely well and may help char¬acterize problems, but aren’t the best way to determine the cause of a failing component. Inspec¬tion procedures should address the conditions required to locate prob¬lems, using thermography, as well as acknowledge the other technolo¬gies needed to troubleshoot further.

Implementing a preventive maintenance program is easier than it has been before with Fluke Connect™ EquipmentLog™ history. Developed to help Fluke customers work faster and smarter, Fluke Connect™ EquipmentLog™ helps reduce equipment downtime and costs. Equip¬mentLog lets the user create a folder for each asset with a description of the asset and the location. It also stores all the measurement data captured for this asset over time allowing maintenance technicians to do a side-by-side comparison from previous inspections, so any accelerated trends can be easily identified to help determine when maintenance needs to happen. This keeps equipment running longer, saving time and money and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime.

Fluke Connect’s™ added feature, ShareLive video call keeps the facility running facility running by sharing critical data, answers and additional work approvals instantly without leaving the inspection site. This unique feature is currently not available with any other infrared camera on the market.

The Fluke Professional Series of thermal imagers are ideally suited to tackle a thermography maintenance program with features like:
• Ti450’s MultiSharp™ Focus – 100% focus for every objct, near or far;
• LaserSharp® Auto Focus’ built-in laser distance meter (calculates, displays distance from designated target with pinpoint accuracy)
• Ti450 SuperResolution, 4x pixel data (captures mul¬tiple images, combines to create 640×480 image)
• IR-Fusion® technology gives the context of the visual and infrared details in one precisely blended or picture-in-picture image
• Interchangeable smart lenses—2x and 4x telephoto and wide angle

Ti450 and Ti400: 1.31 mRad
Ti300: 1.75 mRad

Ti450: 320 x 240
SuperResolution mode: 640 x 480

Ti400: 320 x 240

Ti300: 240 x 180

Ti450, Ti400, Ti300: 24 °H x 17 °V

For more information on Fluke’s Professional Series Thermal Imagers Ti450 Ti400 and Ti300 or the Fluke Connect® system, contact Comtest on 010 595 1821 or


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