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Get it clean. Keep it clean. Deliver it clean.
• Prevent problems before they occur
• Protect your infrastructure investment

Diesel is an organic substance that weakens over time due to a build-up of bacteria and algae incompatible with today’s high specification diesel engines. These impurities, together with water and rust particles caused by corrosion, often block filters and fuel pumps and damage fuel injectors. The inevitable result being downtime or engine failure.


High quality filtration is no longer an option but a prerequisite for the efficient operation of today’s sophisticated engines. While most of the damage caused to engines by scum and other dirt has not changed much over the years, the diesel engine design has changed significantly. Not only has the power density of engines and resultant injection pressures of fuel systems evolved, so have the diesel property and global emissions standards.

Donaldson’s Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions assists in reducing costly component replacement, preventing unplanned downtime as well as improving fuel efficiency by reducing injector wear.

These advanced filtration technologies developed by Donaldson, ensure that stringent ISO Cleanliness levels in terms of ISO 4406 or “Cleaner Fuels” are achieved through single or multi-pass filtration, due to the high performing Beta 2000 (99.99% efficient) filter media within each product.

Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology (DERT) prevents filter media damage from electrostatic discharge. Epoxy is used in filter construction for increased fluid compatibility. E-coating provides maximum corrosion resistance and epoxy adhesion. Viton® O-rings provide reliable sealing and maximum fluid compatibility.

Fuels and Lubricant based products often become contaminated within bulk storage facilities or during transportation of product. Reliable fuel filtration technology is essential to ensure fuel cleanliness throughout the distribution process and on-vehicle.

“Clean, Protect & Polish “is the foundation or design concept for our Donaldson Filtration Solutions in achieving Cleaner Fuels, says Philip Craig, Sales Manager at Donaldson Head Office Longmeadow, JHB

CLEAN at the Inlet – “Most EFFECTIVE place to filter “

A good single pass filtration system on the inlet of the bulk storage tank reduces the risk of introducing contamination into your fuel storage infrastructure and helps maintain desired cleanliness levels. The diesel in your tank represents a significant investment. Why risk contaminating it by receiving a load of fuel with excessive levels of dirt, water, soft solids or bugs? Stop contamination before it stops you.

PROTECT in Tank – “Keep water and dirt out of the tank during storage “

Protect your tanks, your fuel, and your equipment by refusing entry to harmful contaminants. Donaldson bulk filtration systems can be sized for any application. Small systems can be just as efficient as large, more complex systems, if designed correctly.

Work sites tend to be dusty places, and fuel continues to be contaminated each time it is transferred or stored. The task at hand is to prevent additional dirt from getting into the diesel after it is in your bulk tank. This is something every fuel user can and should take steps to control. Dirt can get into your bulk or onboard fuel tank upon delivery, from the air, from the tank, or from direct contact. This can be prevented or minimized by good handling practices. Protect your diesel investment while it is in your bulk storage tank. Install T.R.A.P. breathers with integrated high efficiency air filtration. These breather filters reduce the risk of moisture and contaminants entering the bulk storage tank from the vent so that fluids are kept clean and dry.

The T.R.A.P. Breather combines a high efficient 3-micron media pack together with a deliquescent membrane, that regenerates itself when air is expelled from the storage tank, suitable for ALL fuels and Lubricant storage.

POLISH at Outlet – “Most CRITICAL place to filter – keep contaminant out of your equipment “

Clean your fuel one last time just before it enters the equipment. Point of use filters polish or remove any contaminants that may have been picked up in storage or during final transfer. This is the most critical place to filter, as it is the last safeguard before the fuel passes into your equipment.

For further information contact:

Philip Craig, Sales Manager

Tel: (011) 997 6090



Please visit for more insight and technical assistance for Cleaner Fuels!


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