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Increased personnel safety & reduced risk of cable damage with TPU mining cables from Proof Engineering

Proof Engineering’s rugged TPU copper-screened mining cables are specially designed and engineered with safety top of mind and are able to withstand hazardous conditions typically found in open cast and underground mining applications as well as in industrial environments.

Managing Director of Proof Engineering, Donovan Marks, explains that the mining cable’s orange/silver reflective tape underneath the outer extra-heavy duty ICEA S-75-381 compliant TPU jacket ensures easy identification and visibility, especially at night. “This not only increases personnel safety but also reduces the risk of cable damage.”


Rugged TPU mining cables from Proof Engineering_ designed with safety top of mind

The 67.4mm diameter cables have a minimum bending radius of 550mm and a maximum recommended tension of 4.3kN. The cable design incorporates flexible Class 5 tinned annealed copper wire conductors and insulation consists of ethylene propylene thermosetting compound. The cables feature a strippable semi-conducting core screen (triple extruded) and the core assembly comprises three tinned copper/nylon-braid screened power cores and three unscreened pilot cores.

The rugged design of these cables which incorporates a tough sheath contributes to extended component service life and reduced maintenance which leads to increased uptime and productivity for end-users.

The TPU cables are highly suited for use on a wide range of equipment such as electrically driven machines, portable electric apparatus, section feeders, medium-sized draglines, shovels and drills. “The cables can also be used for underground reeling applications,” concludes Marks.

Proof Engineering, a Division of Hudaco, has cornered the Southern African mining and industry markets as a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of flameproof and explosion proof products. The company incorporates the latest technology in the design of its comprehensive range of electrical components that include plugs, sockets, adaptors, connectors and couplers suitable for both underground and above ground mining applications. Round-the-clock, countrywide specialist support from qualified Proof Engineering technicians keeps downtime to the absolute minimum so that customers can achieve maximum profitability.


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